Molly Taylor to run European Rally Championship

Molly Taylor

Molly Taylor

Australia’s Molly Taylor will compete in the European Rally Championship for the remainder of the 2013 season.

The ERC has replaced the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) in 2013. It enjoys strong support from broadcaster Eurosport which includes both Live and delayed coverage on Foxtel in Australia.

Pier Liberali, General Manager of United Business, the company which is in charge of Taylor’s sports management, has confirmed the European Championship getting underway aboard a Citroen DS3 R3T in two weeks on the island of São Miguel at the 48th Sata Rallye Acores in Portugal.

“I am very excited to take part in the European Championship,” said Taylor.

“Competing at the Sata Rallye Acores will be a very good experience for me, as well as having the opportunity to compete in the other European Championship.

“It will be a very interesting challenge, I only know one event, Ypres, having done it last year, but the other races will all be new for me and in places where I have never competed.

“I am raring to go, with United Business and BP Racing our priority is to be consistently fast in every race which we will take part in and to try to win the ‘FIA ERC Ladies’ Trophy”.

The car will be supplied and prepared by BP Racing, the team which provided the car for the 2012 season.

“2013 is another step forward in Molly’s sports career, it will be a very important season for her, despite being young (only 25 years old) she has experience, technique, determination and is very fast, in my opinion she is one of the fastest lady drivers in the world,” said Liberali.

“Competing in the European Championship was a logical choice, although already very popular, by taking part in the 2013 FIA ERC, thanks to Eurosport, she will further increase her international visibility “.

“Molly’s determination was fundamental, and we are proud to have the brands of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission (WMC) and of the Australian Motor Sport Foundation (AMSF).

She will then start in another seven European events and will also drive at the Coates Hire Rally Australia in Coffs Harbour in September in the WRC 3 class aboard a Ford Fiesta from Canberra team Innate Motorsport. CLICK HERE for that report.

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