Two-year ban for speedway drug accused

Ryan Farrell

Ryan Farrell

The Speedway Australia Tribunal has penalised West Australian Sprintcar driver, Ryan Farrell with a two year suspension from the sport.

Farrell faced the Tribunal this week after a positive test in February to banned substances at the Bunbury World Series Sprintcars event.

He pleaded guilty to the charges as laid down and was handed a two year sentence.

Promising to undergo rehabilitation, Farrell has been given the opportunity to return to racing nine months early, if he can demonstrate that he has regained full health. Should that not be the case, he will be required to serve the maximum two year term.

Given how complicit he was to the process, no monetary fine was handed down by the Tribunal.

“While it is important that hefty sanctions are put in place for drug use in speedway generally, the Tribunal recognised in this instance that Mr Farrell’s co-operation, acceptance of his health problem, commitment to rehabilitation, and the return to good health are all important factors,” said the Tribunal Chairperson.

“We have therefore issued a penalty with Mr Farrell’s punishment and return to good health as a focus. We believe we have given Mr Farrell an opportunity to prove himself and return to racing after fifteen months if he can return to good health in that time. If he is not ready, then he will serve the maximum 2 years.”

The full sentence reads as follows:

  1. The defendant will be suspended for a period of twenty-four months from the date of the positive test, 15 February 2013.

  2. A period of nine months of the suspension will be suspended with conditions to assist Farrell’s earlier return to racing in place.

  3. In recognition of the defendant’s cooperation with the process and early guilty plea there will be no monetary penalty imposed.



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