Nathan Pretty wins V8 ute round in Adelaide

Nathan Pretty wins the opening round of the 2013 V8 Ute Racing series

Nathan Pretty wins the opening round of the 2013 V8 Ute Racing series

Nathan Pretty has secured victory in the opening round of the Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All on the streets of Adelaide.

Pretty complimented his Race 1 win by taking honours in today’s third and final race of the Clipsal 500 round.

“I’m extremely happy, it’s good for the new sponsors we have on board this year, Milwaukee and CQ group they were here this weekend so it was great for them,” said Pretty.

“Also for Holden, Ford has dominated here in the past so it’s good to see the lion up there. I’m loving life at the moment – all of the guys have been hard at work back in the workshop and it’s culminated into a win, which is what hard work does.”

The Milwaukee Racing driver took the holeshot and from there was untouched from start to finish claiming the win by more than three seconds over second placed Ryal Harris.

Harris drove superbly from ninth on the grid to carve his way through the field and claim the second step on the rostrum.

Yesterday’s race winner Andrew Fisher rounded out the top-3 in today’s race, in third.

For the utes of Tony Dontas and Peter Burnett it wasn’t all smiles with the pair both involved in separate incidents, heavily damaging their machinery.

Both incidents came at the infamous Centre Chicane with Burnett coming off worst when he took too much inside curb, ripping the left hand wheel off his LCE QLD Falcon.

The next round for the V8 Utes takes crews across the country to Western Australia for the Perth Challenge in May.

See below for series standings

Pos Team Driver Points
 1 Milwaukee Racing Nathan Pretty (VIC) 133
 2 Jesus Racing Team Andrew Fisher (NSW) 114
 3 STRATCO Racing Rhys McNally (WA) 113
 4 Sage Automation/Roof Seal Gary Baxter (SA) 112
 5 Tapout Energy Ryal Harris (QLD) 108
 6 Sieders Racing/Guide Dogs Vic Elliot Barbour (VIC) 108
 7 Hawkins transport/HT Racing Ryan Hansford (QLD) 107
 8 Rentco Racing Kris Walton (QLD) 105
 9 Fuchs/Hustler Mowers Jack Elsegood (NSW) 94
10 Hayman Reese Towbars Jesse Dixon (QLD) 93
11 Sieders Racing Team David Sieders (NSW) 88
12 Sieders Racing Team Charlie O’Brien (NZ) 86
13 Macmahon Mining Gerard McLeod (VIC) 80
14 Williams Race Tech Tony Longhurst (QLD) 70
15 Ramjet Cold Air Induction/Rips Phonsy Mullan (VIC) 68
16 Go Karting Gold Coast Cam Wilson (QLD) 60
17 Bacardi Oak Heart Wayne Wakefield (QLD) 55
18 Thirsty Camel Racing Craig Dontas (SA) 52
19 Auto One Racing Adam Marjoram (WA) 47
20 EZEATM Todd Zani (WA) 42
21 Accuweigh/Jaypak Cartons Rhett Noonan (WA) 42
22 Red Express Deliveries Charlie Kovacs Jr (SA) 37
23 Dunlop Super Dealer Racing Stephen White (VIC) 35
24 Western General Body Works Danny Buzadzic (VIC) 34
25 LCE Qld Pty Ltd Peter Burnitt (QLD) 33
26 Bob Jane T-Marts Kim Jane (VIC) 29
27 JMG Racing Jeremy Gray (NSW) 28
28 HTA/Isuzu Utes/ISEEK Grant Bromley (QLD) 21
29 Australian Conveyor Racing Noel Edge (SA) 21
30 Brecknock Insurance Brokers Troy Dontas (SA) 19
31 212 Motorsport Matthew Nolan (QLD) 17
32 Octane Events Richard Bloomfield (WA) 17

See below for Race 3 results:

Pos Team Driver Make Best lap
1  Milwaukee Racing Nathan Pretty (VIC) Holden 1:37.1090
2  Tapout Energy Ryal Harris (QLD) Ford 1:37.1896
3  Jesus Racing Team Andrew Fisher (NSW) Ford 1:37.6271
4  STRATCO Racing Rhys McNally (WA) Holden 1:37.7090
5  Hawkins transport/HT Racing Ryan Hansford (QLD) Ford 1:37.0702
6  Sage Automation/Roof Seal Gary Baxter (SA) Holden 1:37.1730
7  Sieders Racing/Guide Dogs Vic Elliot Barbour (VIC) Ford 1:37.1639
8  Rentco Racing Kris Walton (QLD) Ford 1:37.4604
9  Sieders Racing Team David Sieders (NSW) Ford 1:36.5699*
10  Fuchs/Hustler Mowers Jack Elsegood (NSW) Ford 1:38.1021
11  Sieders Racing Team Charlie O’Brien (NZ) Ford 1:37.7646
12  Ramjet Cold Air Induction/Rips Phonsy Mullan (VIC) Holden 1:38.5264
13  Macmahon Mining Gerard McLeod (VIC) Holden 1:38.4457
14  Williams Race Tech Tony Longhurst (QLD) Holden 1:38.3842
15  Hayman Reese Towbars Jesse Dixon (QLD) Holden 1:37.5498
16  Bacardi Oak Heart Wayne Wakefield (QLD) Ford 1:39.1987
17  Auto One Racing Adam Marjoram (WA) Holden 1:38.7546
18  Dunlop Super Dealer Racing Stephen White (VIC) Holden 1:38.9687
19  Red Express Deliveries Charlie Kovacs Jr (SA) Holden 1:39.9141
20  Go Karting Gold Coast Cam Wilson (QLD) Ford 1:39.3773
21  EZEATM Todd Zani (WA) Holden 1:40.2202
22  Western General Body Works Danny Buzadzic (VIC) Ford 1:40.2556
23  HTA/Isuzu Utes/ISEEK Grant Bromley (QLD) Ford 1:41.0372
24  Thirsty Camel Racing Craig Dontas (SA) Holden 1:39.1431
25  Australian Conveyor Racing Noel Edge (SA) Ford 1:42.4094
26  212 Motorsport Matthew Nolan (QLD) Holden 1:42.1403
DNF  LCE Qld Pty Ltd Peter Burnitt (QLD) Ford 1:39.1628
DNF  JMG Racing Jeremy Gray (NSW) Ford 1:38.7820
DNF  Accuweigh/Jaypak Cartons Rhett Noonan (WA) Ford 1:37.1090
DNF  Octane Events Richard Bloomfield (WA) Holden 1:37.1896
DNF  Brecknock Insurance Brokers Troy Dontas (SA) Holden 1:37.6271

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