V8 stewards take no action over “appalling” Race 1 start

Pole-sitter Chaz Mostert dropped to third after the startline confusion

Pole-sitter Chaz Mostert dropped to third after the startline confusion

Race stewards have confirmed that there will be no action taken following the procedural issue that occurred at the start of Friday evening’s season opening Dunlop Series contest.

Widespread confusion occurred when yellow lights were momentarily illuminated immediately prior to the red lights extinguishing to signal the start of the race.

The issue saw a somewhat chaotic start, with many drivers hesitating and relying on their team radios to confirm whether or not the start had actually been aborted.

Pole-sitter Chaz Mostert appeared to be one of the worst hit by the situation, leaving Ford Performance Racing boss Tim Edwards to describe the situation as “appalling”.

The stewards, however, disagreed that any competitor had been “significantly disadvantaged”.

“During the starting procedure the yellow light illuminated for approximately a quarter of a second just before the Red light went out,” read a report from the stewards issued this morning.

“The Stewards considered that all Cars started the Race evenly, and that no Competitor was significantly disadvantaged.,” it read.

“Although there was a small error at the Start but with good behaviour of the field and having regard to the time constraints the Stewards determined that it was in the best interests of the Series that the race continued uninterrupted.”

The second and final Dunlop Series race of the weekend will kick-off at 1235.

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