Gowans secures trifecta in Aussie Racing Cars

Gowans makes it three-from-three in Adelaide

Gowans makes it three-from-three in Adelaide

Adam Gowans has once again taken victory in the Aussie Racing Car category for the third consecutive race at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

A reverse top-ten grid start for Race 3 saw Gowans start from 10th but he quickly picked his way through the field and by lap four, had made his way to the lead.

From there, the former Karting Champion was never threatened as he cruised to the finish to secure his trio of Aussie Racing Car wins in Adelaide.

It was a similar scenario for Trent Young who picked up his third consecutive, second place finish in Race 3.

The New South Welshman shot off to a promising start from ninth on the grid, passing Gowans early, but couldn’t hold out the hard charging Toyota.

Keeping the series consistent, Maurice Masini mirrored his two rivals in front by securing his third consecutive, third place finish in the Aussie Racing Car series this weekend.

The 39 strong field had a fairly clean run with just two drivers failing to finish the seven lap race. One of which was Sean Carter who, while running in fifth, lost control at the infamous Turn 8 and backed his Hi-Tec Oils Cruze into the wall.

Just one race remains for the Aussie Racing Cars at the Clipsal 500 event with crews set to hit the track tomorrow at 8.45am local time for Race 4.

See below for Race 3 results:

Pos Team Driver Car Best lap
1 Valvoline NextGen Adam Gowans (TAS)  Toyota Aurion 1:35.0376
2 Young Racing Trent Young (NSW)  Falcon 1:35.0286*
3 Masini Racing Maurice Masini (NSW)  Falcon 1:35.5976
4 League Motorsport Australia Brendon Pingel (QLD)  Holden Cruze 1:36.0811
5 Tyres and More/TT Racing Nathan Townsend (QLD)  Commodore 1:35.8759
6 The Torque Team Grant Ludbey (QLD)  Falcon 1:36.5890
7 Darrell Lea Confectionary Co. Travis Edwards (QLD)  Toyota Aurion 1:35.7892
8 Precision Race Eng/KTEQ Rental Gus Robbins (VIC)  Toyota Aurion 1:36.3352
9 Artmetal Racing Team Dean Cottrell (SA)  Falcon 1:36.1671
10 L&H/Clipsal Adam Sharp (VIC)  Toyota Aurion 1:36.0899
11 JD Motosport/Winning Edge Elec Jordan Deckert (QLD)  Commodore 1:37.2274
12 Betta Computer Services Troy Adams (QLD)  Commodore 1:36.8856
13 Uebergang Racing Adam Uebergang (QLD)  Falcon 1:36.4932
14 Finance Ezi Racing Damien Ward (Qld)  Holden Cruze 1:37.0487
15 Team 28 Hayden Stephensen (QLD)  Toyota Aurion 1:37.2742
16 AMP Power Racing/Team CMW Craig Woods (NSW)  Commodore 1:37.2524
17 HJS Motorsport/Tri Star Power Martin Deckert (QLD)  Commodore 1:38.4707
18 Allen Smith Racing Allen Smith (QLD)  Falcon 1:38.7923
19 Griffith Corporation Mark Griffith (QLD)  Commodore 1:38.5834
20 Absolutely Environmental John Reynolds (NSW)  Falcon 1:38.2016
21 The Torque Team Glenn McNamara (NSW)  Commodore 1:38.1415
22 Auscat Motorsport Ben Beasley (Qld)  Commodore 1:38.9224
23 Aerial Motors/Automobility Christopher Stevenso Vic  Commodore 1:39.0536
24 PB Racing Paul Batten (Vic)  Falcon 1:38.3027
25 Ben Dowley Racing Ben Dowley (SA)  Falcon 1:37.7480
26 Aerial Motors George Gutierrez (VIC)  Falcon 1:40.4946
27 MRW Lachlan McDonald (VIC)  Commodore 1:38.2692
28 Millers Mowers and Motorcycles Hagen Skinner (VIC)  Falcon 1:38.6161
29 Trussworks Racing Jamie Sharp (SA)  Toyota Aurion 1:39.3186
30 Automobility/Aerial Motors Jeff Watters (VIC)  Commodore 1:40.5818
31 Allen Smith Racing Anthony Chemello (QLD)  Falcon 1:41.2008
32 All Auto Recycling Sean Rose (QLD)  Holden Cruze 1:41.5376
33 Broo Beer/Perenso Racing Darren Chamberlin (NSW)  Toyota Aurion 1:36.9984
34 True Blue Electrics/Middy’s Shayne Smith (VIC)  Falcon 1:43.3939
35 rSeat.net.au Racing Glenn Boyd (SA)  Holden Cruze 1:44.4382
36 F&J Professional Computer Serv Brian Ford (QLD)  Falcon 1:40.6689
37 RDA Brakes Bruce Duckworth (NSW)  Falcon 1:43.1710
DNF Hi-Tec Oils Sean Carter (Vic)  Holden Cruze 1:36.2343
DNF Armstong Motorsport Ruth Bowler (VIC)  Ford Coupe 2:19.5367

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