Chaz Mostert secures pole for Dunlop Series opener

Chaz Mostert's Sherrin Rentals Ford

Chaz Mostert’s Sherrin Rentals Ford

Matthew White Motorsport Ford driver Chaz Mostert will start this evening’s opening race of the 2013 Dunlop Series from pole position after a commanding qualifying performance.

The 20-year-old set the pace from the outset of the 30 minute session. A 1:22.14s effort on his first of three runs sat as the benchmark until just three minutes remained, when Mostert lowered the time by a further 0.3s.

Ash Walsh held down second throughout much of the sessions and, like Mostert, improved in the closing stages to secure the outside of the front-row.

Thursday fast-man Dale Wood took third from Kirstian Lindbom, whose session included a slow-speed head-butt with the Turn 11 tyre wall.

Drew Russell, Cameron Waters, George Miedecke, Andrew Jones, Aaren Russel and Daniel Gaunt completed the top 10.

Casey Stoner will start 12th after spending the entire session outside the top 10. Sitting 20th at the start of his penultimate run, the former MotoGP World Champion composed himself following a wild series of corners to improve to within a second of Mostert’s best on his final lap.

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See below for the full qualifying result

1 Sherrin Rentals Chaz Mostert Ford Falson FG 1:21.8474
2 Infants Friend Ashley Walsh Ford Falcon FG 1:22.2790 0:00.4316
3 GB Galvanizing Dale Wood Ford Falcon FG 1:22.3379 0:00.4905
4 Evans Motorsport Group Kristian Lindbom Ford Falcon FG 1:22.5932 0:00.7458
5 Go Karts Go Drew Russell Ford Falcon FG 1:22.6081 0:00.7607
6 Minda Motorsport Cameron Waters Holden Commodore VE2 1:22.6237 0:00.7763
7 I Seek George Miedecke Ford Falcon FG 1:22.6865 0:00.8391
8 Advam Racing Andrew Jones Holden Commodore VE2 1:22.6899 0:00.8425
9 CEG Rentals Aaren Russell Ford Falcon FG 1:22.7304 0:00.8830
10 Wilson Security Daniel Gaunt Holden Commodore VE2 1:22.7694 0:00.9220
11 R&J Batteries/NDD Geoff Emery Holden Commodore VE2 1:22.8743 0:01.0269
12 Triple Eight Race Engineering Casey Stoner Holden Commodore VE2 1:22.8781 0:01.0307
13 Arvo Taz Douglas Ford Falcon FG 1:22.9107 0:01.0633
14 TBC Nick McBride Ford Falcon FG 1:23.0056 0:01.1582
15 Rockit&Blackchrome Sportswear Sam Walter Holden Commodore VE2 1:23.2474 0:01.4000
16 Rodney Jane Racing Gary Jacobson Ford Falcon FG 1:23.2935 0:01.4461
17 Finance Ezi Andre Heimgartner Ford Falcon FG 1:23.4085 0:01.5611
18 Icebreak Racing Chris Pither Holden Commodore VE2 1:23.4546 0:01.6072
19 Finance Ezi Josh Hunter Ford Falocon FG 1:23.5189 0:01.6715
20 Rodney Jane Racing Rodney Jane Ford Falcon FG 1:23.5406 0:01.6932
21 Action Racing Marcus Zukanovic Holden Commodore VE 1:24.1876 0:02.3402
22 WM Motorsport Morgan Haber Ford Falcon FG 1:24.4346 0:02.5872
23 Warrin Mining Adam Wallis Holden Commodore VE 1:24.4945 0:02.6471
24 Garage Nineteen Aaron Tebb Holden Commodore VE2 1:24.7368 0:02.8894
25 Eggleston Motorsport Jay Verdnik Holden Commodore VE 1:25.0109 0:03.1635
26 Resi Racing Aaron McGill Holden Commodore VE2 1:25.4973 0:03.6499
27 Pacific Hoists & Hitachi Chris Alajajian Holden Commodore VE 1:25.8805 0:04.0331
28 Gulf Western Oil Michael Hector Ford Falcon FG 1:26.2667 0:04.4193
29 Formula Tech/Interquip Racing Brett Stewart Holden Commodore VE 1:27.3212 0:05.4738
30 Poll Performance Jim Pollicina Holden Commodore VE 1:27.9329 0:06.0855

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