Red Bull’s V8 Supercars and Formula 1 teams to integrate

The front of the new Red Bull Racing Australia Commodore

The front of the new Red Bull Racing Australia Commodore

Red Bull Racing Australia’s V8 Supercars team can look forward to becoming an integrated part of Red Bull’s worldwide motorsport family, including its Formula 1 squad.

The energy drinks giant will facilitate a close link between the Brisbane-based V8 Supercars team and Milton Keynes, UK-based Formula 1 team, allowing an open line of communication between the champion outfits.

Red Bull Racing Australia launched in spectacular style in Sydney today, revealing the look of the #1 and #888 Holden Commodore VFs.

CLICK HERE for the first images of the RBRA Commodores.

RBRA team manager Adrian Burgess says that a close working relationship between Red Bull’s premier motorsport properties is an exciting proposition.

“There will be meetings over the next few months with ourselves and Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes,” said Burgess, a former team manager in F1.

“I know a lot of those guys from my days in Formula 1, so it should be fairly easy relationship to get going.

“It’s all going to be about timing and energy that’s available. They’ve got they’re own program they’re working to and we’ve got ours, but where we can bring them together, we will.

“There isn’t any guidelines, there isn’t any timeframes, and we haven’t talked about driver swaps or anything like that. Those things are a long way off, but obviously, everything is possible.

“We hope to enjoy a good relationship with the mothership (the F1 team), and develop it overtime.”

Burgess says that the new association with Red Bull will offer diversity – both from a marketing and technical stand point.

“With the Red Bull brand, it’s not just about us working integrating with Milton Keynes. There’s so many athletes involved in Red Bull’s family – it won’t always be motorsport,” Burgess said.

“It could be cars, bikes, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, pole vaulters. We’re joining their family, as much as they’re joining ours.

“It’s going to be very exciting, they’ll be a lot of interaction and technical interaction where we can help each other.”

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