Erebus stamps authority on Bathurst 12 Hour

The #36 Erebus Mercedes leads the way with three hours to go

The #36 Erebus Mercedes leads the way with three hours to go

Erebus Motorsport is charging towards victory in the 2013 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour, with its two Mercedes-Benz entries running a lap clear of the field at three-quarter distance.

The Bernd Schneider driven #36 SLS led the Lee Holdsworth piloted #63 entry by a full minute at the end of nine hours as the two cars continue to operate on offset fuel strategies.

The two cars ran line astern at the head of the field for an extended period prior to the #63 car making its ninth stop of the day towards the end of Hour 9.

The Clearwater Ferrari, which led at halfway, endured a series of setbacks in the third quarter of the race.

The car was awarded its second drive-through penalty of the day thanks to Mok Weng Sun turning Mark Eddy’s Audi around at Murray’s Corner in Hour 7, dropping it off the lead lap.

Two well timed yellows early in Hour 8 brought the 458 back into contention, before a subsequent full course yellow directly after Weng Sun handed over to Matt Griffin pinned the Clearwater car a lap adrift once again.

A flapping front-splitter towards the end of the ninth hour then proved a further setback for Griffin, dropping him to fourth behind the steadily driven #5 VIP Petfoods Porsche.

The eighth hour spelt the end of Phoenix Racing’s chances of victory. The Michelin-shod Audi had run with the leaders all day until mechanical issues saw it garage bound for four laps.

The troubled #6 MPC Audi’s day finally ended in Hour 8 when a rear hub failure saw Craig Lowndes stranded backwards on the entry to the Dipper.

See below for the full running order after Hour 9

1 Erebus Motorsport Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 A 203 08:59:43.1504
2 Erebus Motorsport Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 A 203 09:00:44.3265
3 VIP Petfoods Porsche 911 GT3 R A 202 09:00:48.1875
4 Clearwater Racing Ferrari F458 GT3 A 202 09:01:28.7388
5 United Autosports Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 199 09:00:27.8252
6 Network Clothing / Hallmarc Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 199 09:01:15.9102
7 Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 199 09:01:20.2148
8 Peter Conroy Motorsport Audi R8 LMS GT A 197 09:01:39.2876
9 AF Corse SRL Ferrari F458 GT3 A 196 09:00:22.8399
10 Hunter Sports Group Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 196 09:01:43.7793
11 ASM/BRM Motorsports Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 195 09:01:13.6760
12 Equity-One Mortgage Fund Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 192 09:00:25.9745
13 Grove Group Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 192 09:01:33.6737
14 Mal Rose Racing Holden VY Commodore I3 190 09:00:12.1142
15 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 187 09:01:32.5265
16 GB Galvanizing Lamborghini GT3 LP56 A 186 09:00:11.2516
17 1Cover Motionsport Lotus Elise I1 184 09:01:52.1486
18 DragonSpeed Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 182 08:36:47.1194
19 We Are Legend Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 179 09:00:18.4924
20 Bruce Lynton BMW BMW E46 I3 179 09:00:33.4698
21 Team Peugeot RCZ Peugeot RCZ Cup I1 177 09:00:52.4908
22 Lotus Exige S C 175 09:01:14.5912
23 Racer Industries Holden Astra HSV VXR E 174 08:59:15.7227
24 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2 171 08:55:52.7939
25 Showershop (NZ) Subaru Impreza WRX S I2 169 08:59:28.2383
26 Skwirk / Oneworld Bar Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 162 07:20:45.1790
27 GWS Personnel BMW 130i E 161 09:01:40.5592
28 Donut King Nissan R35 GTR C 160 09:00:31.0936
29 Team Peugeot RCZ Peugeot RCZ Cup I1 155 08:59:32.6313
30 Sennheiser/ Ric Shaw Racing Mazda RX-7 I2 153 08:59:36.7838
31 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 151 09:00:55.7156
32 Rentcorp Forklifts Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 148 09:01:33.9605
33 The Shire Conveyancer BMW 130i E 146 09:00:27.7901
34 GWS Personnel BMW 335i D 146 09:01:12.8492
35 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2 141 09:01:32.2505
36 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 140 09:00:06.8014
37 Maximum Motorsport Subaru Impreza WRX S D 138 07:02:38.8634
38 Racer Industries Holden Astra HSV VXR I2 133 06:35:41.7159
39 Daytona Sports Cars Pty Ltd Daytona Coupe I3 132 08:12:54.5187
40 Cootes Transport Ford FPV GT D 130 06:55:09.2298
41 Trofeo Motorsport / Pirelli Chevrolet Corvette Z A 127 08:29:42.5052
42 Il Bello Rosso Ferrari F458 GT3 A 111 05:33:33.2263
43 Simply Sports Cars Lotus Exige C 107 06:22:00.1697
44 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2  85 09:00:44.3240
45 Aston Martin St. Gallen Aston Martin Vantage C  81 08:57:41.3526
46 Liqui Moly BMW Z4 GT3 A  36 01:47:26.8595
47 Motor School Porsche 996 GT3 Cup GT  13    51:58.1733
48 ES Australia Ginetta G50 G4 GT  13    51:59.9930
49 VIP Petfoods Aston Martin GT  11    40:57.0530
50 Mark Griffiths Ginetta G50 G4 GT   5    18:05.3455
OUT Sherrin Rentals BMW 135i D  67 03:32:56.8681
OUT IMAK / KWIKMIT Mosler MT900 GT3 A  55 03:36:10.8420
OUT JBS Swift Lamborghini GT3 LP56 A  11    40:57.1130

See below for’s live Twitter updates from Hours 7 – 9

Hour 7

The race restarts with 5 hours and 55 minutes remaining #B12Hr

Jaeger is shadowing Baird at the front, with the two cars currently running just 2.6s apart #B12Hr

Baird pits the leading Clearwater Ferrari at the 6 hour 30 minute mark after an inspired double stint. Jaeger is the new leader #B12Hr

Weng Sun rejoins in the Clearwater 458 with new tyres and a full tank of fuel #B12Hr

Jaeger has built a 30 second lead over Kristoffersson throughout the last 35 minutes of green flag running #B12Hr

Third placed Hackett is 40 seconds off the lead with Weng Sun a further minute adrift in fourth #B12Hr

A disappointed John Bowe says he’s suffering from a sore neck after his McPhillamy crash in the Maranello Ferrari. He’s not happy with the Seat driver

Weng Sun has out-braked himself in the Clearwater Ferrari, tipping himself and the Dean Grant Audi into spins at Murray’s Corner

Both cars rejoin seemingly without damage, but the Clearwater entry is now in real danger of going a lap down to Jaeger #B12Hr

Jaeger pits with nine minutes to go in Hour 7 after a strong 33 lap stint. Kristoffersson goes back to the lead #B12Hr

Schneider is now in the #36 Jaeger Mercedes. Kristoffersson and Hackett are nose-to-tail at the front #B12Hr

Lowndes pits from seventh as Hour 7 ends. The Audi is five laps down after several dramas during the previous stint for car owner Salmon

Kristoffersson pits the Phoenix Audi. Weng Sun has also been in and out of the pits after a costly drive-through penalty for the incident with Grant #B12Hr

Hackett pits the leading Erebus Mercedes. The Phoenix Audi meanwhile appears to be enduring a long stop #B12Hr

Hour 8

The Class D leading Dean Herridge Subaru is stopped on the circuit, thankfully off-line, just over the McPhillamy crest #B12Hr

Safety Car number nine called, breaking a 60 minute green flag spell. Phoenix Audi is still in pitlane with a problem #B12Hr

Schneider leads from Slade (now in the Hackett Mercedes) and Weng Sun, who benefits greatly from this yellow having almost dropped a lap down #B12Hr

We’re left with three cars on the lead lap with almost five hours still remaining. The Phoenix Audi has not returned to the circuit #B12Hr

The VIP Porsche now runs fourth, one lap down. Klark Quinn is back behind the wheel after a solid effort from stand-in Kingsley #B12Hr

The Phoenix Audi returns to the track several laps down. The race restarts at the 7 hour 20 minute mark #B12Hr

Lowndes is in the #6 Audi and facing backwards at The Dipper #B12Hr

The Safety Car returns for the 10th time at the 7 hour 23 minute mark #B12Hr

Dean Grant pits under the yellow. The #9 MPC Audi is running in fifth place, albeit four laps off the lead #B12Hr

All of these yellows are good news for Clearwater Racing. Schneider and Slade are at least five seconds per lap faster than Weng Sun #B12Hr

The Clearwater Ferrari has made another brief visit to pitlane during this yellow #B12Hr

Race restarts with 13 minutes remaining in the eighth hour. Jaeger and Slade lead the way #B12Hr

Lowndes confirms that his car broke its left-rear hub, pitching him into a spin that caused the last lengthy yellow. #B12Hr

Erebus Mercs both run 2:08.7s laps last time around. With Weng Sun stuck in traffic, they are 48s ahead just two laps after the restart #B12Hr

The Audis of Mies, Primat and Li are all four laps down, separated by 15s in the battle for fifth #B12Hr

Order and gaps to leader at end Hour 8: Jaeger, Slade (0.3s), Weng Sun (+1:20s), Quinn (+1 lap), Mies (+4 laps), Primat (+4 laps), Li (+4 laps), Huff (+5 laps ) #B12Hr

Hour 9

Weng Sun’s minimum driving time is complete so he heads to pitlane. Fuel in, Griffin in, new Michelins on. #B12Hr

The Hunter Motorsport Porsche has taken the Class B lead after a long stop for the ASM example. The McElrea run car had broken a drive belt. #B12Hr

Quinn has temporarily moved up to third after the Clearwater car’s stop. Erebus Mercs now only cars on lead lap #B12Hr

The Erebus Mercs currently run 0.6s apart. They’ve been circulating line astern for almost half an hour since the restart #B12Hr

Safety Car number 11 called after 8 hours and 15 minutes #B12Hr

Jaeger heads straight to pitlane, Slade continues and takes the lead – ensuring the rest of the field remain at least one lap down #B12Hr

Quinn pits from third. Griffin will continue having been in recently. Mies pits from fifth #B12Hr

A crash for the Daytona Coupe at Forrest’s Elbow is the reason for the current Safety Car #B12Hr

Race restarts with 3 hours and 30 minutes remaining. Slade leads Schneider, who has replaced Jaeger in the #36 #B12Hr

The Phoenix Audi of Simonson passes Eddy’s similar R8 for fifth place #B12Hr

Griffin is lapping at a competitive pace despite the front splitter flapping on the Clearwater Ferrari #B12Hr

Slade, Griffin and Schneider are running just 13 seconds apart with 15 mins remaining in the ninth hour, but the Ferrari is a lap down #B12Hr

Slade pits at the 8 hour 48 min mark while the front -splitter of the Clearwater Ferrari falls and jams under the car #B12Hr

The battle for top Audi continues. The Hartley driven United Autosport R8 now holds fifth ahead of Eddy and Simonson.

Simonson was recently in for a drive-through following an unsafe release from its last stop #B12Hr

Griffin continues to circulate in the troubled Clearwater Ferrari. Holdsworth meanwhile is back in the #63 car, taking over from Slade #B12Hr

Mechanical black flag issued to Clearwater Ferrari. Griffin pits immediately. #B12Hr

Clearwater crew rip remainder of splitter from Ferrari. A relatively quick stop, but it won’t do much for the handling balance #B12Hr

Order after nine hours: Schneider, Holdsworth, Quinn, Griffin, Hartley, Eddy, Simonson, Conroy, Cioci, Johnson #B12Hr

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