Bathurst 12 Hour a three team battle at halfway

The Clearwater Ferrari leads at halfway

The Clearwater Ferrari leads at halfway

The 2013 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour has developed into a three-way fight between the Clearwater Ferrari, Erebus Mercedes and Phoenix Audi squads at its halfway mark.

The Craig Baird-driven Clearwater Ferrari held the lead at the end of Hour 6 as the race restarted from its eighth Safety Car period.

The Thomas Jaeger Erebus Mercedes, Johan Kristoffersson Phoenix Audi and Peter Hackett Erebus Mercedes filled second through fourth – the only cars remaining on the lead lap.

Clearwater’s lead exists despite the car having to complete a drive-through penalty early in the fifth hour after being judged to have overlapped on a Safety Car restart.

Lee Holdsworth also befell the same fate in the #63 Erebus Mercedes, temporarily putting the #63 Mercedes off-sequence on fuel strategy with its key rivals.

Baird was the star of the midday running, scything from fifth place to the lead after taking over from Irish co-driver Matt Griffin.

Bernd Schneider had earlier made his mark on the race during his first stint, occasionally dropping into the 2:07s bracket as he led much of the fourth hour.

The second quarter of the race was a disastrous one for two of the three Ferraris, with the Maranello and AF Corse 458s both going to the garage with mechanical problems in Hour 4.

The Italian entry fell seven laps off the pace with its dramas, while the Maranello car eventually retired after a high-speed incident for John Bowe at McPhillamy Park.

Things were little better in the Melbourne Performance Centre Audi garage. The car dropped off the lead lap due to the large period of green flag running occurring when car owner Rod Salmon was at the wheel.

A drive-through for pitlane speeding cost further time before the Audi eventually went to the garage following a brush with the wall.

The #48 GB Galvanizing Lamorghini also spent time in the garage during Hour 6 as the M Motorsport crew dealt with a gearbox issue.

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See below for the running order at halfway

1 33 Clearwater Racing Ferrari F458 GT3 A 135 05:59:29.9216
2 36 Erebus Motorsport Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 A 135 05:59:34.7129
3  1 Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 135 05:59:42.1997
4 63 Erebus Motorsport Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 A 135 05:59:43.0775
5  5 VIP Petfoods Porsche 911 GT3 R A 134 05:59:46.6728
6  9 Network Clothing / Hallmarc Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 132 05:59:39.2236
7 12 ASM/BRM Motorsports/Blundstone Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 131 05:59:32.8464
8 14 Peter Conroy Motorsport Audi R8 LMS GT A 131 05:59:35.4665
9 23 United Autosports Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 131 05:59:41.1749
10  6 Skwirk / Oneworld Bar Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 130 05:59:47.1820
11 30 Hunter Sports Group Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 130 05:59:49.3740
12 71 Equity-One Mortgage Fund Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 128 05:59:37.9692
13  4 Grove Group Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 128 05:59:44.1223
14 58 AF Corse SRL Ferrari F458 GT3 A 128 05:59:55.5484
15 81 DragonSpeed Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT A 127 05:59:31.5747
16 44 Mal Rose Racing Holden VY Commodore I3 127 05:59:44.8770
17 69 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 123 05:59:48.4950
18 48 GB Galvanizing Lamborghini GT3 LP56 A 122 05:59:59.7608
19 60 1Cover Motionsport Lotus Elise I1 122 06:00:12.3653
20  8 We Are Legend Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B 120 05:59:51.1450
21  2 Racer Industries Holden Astra HSV VXR I2 120 05:59:56.6323
22 20 Team Peugeot RCZ Peugeot RCZ Cup I1 120 05:59:57.8408
23 21 Team Peugeot RCZ Peugeot RCZ Cup I1 120 06:00:01.6298
24 13 Bruce Lynton BMW BMW E46 I3 118 05:59:44.0501
25 55 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2 118 05:59:58.8076
26 62 Lotus Exige S C 117 05:59:50.3682
27  7 Maximum Motorsport Subaru Impreza WRX S D 117 05:59:52.4095
28  3 Racer Industries Holden Astra HSV VXR E 115 06:00:06.1106
29 26 GWS Personnel BMW 130i E 115 06:00:08.5461
30 22 Cootes Transport Ford FPV GT D 112 06:00:00.8334
31 17 Showershop (NZ) Subaru Impreza WRX S I2 112 06:00:03.8953
32 88 Il Bello Rosso Ferrari F458 GT3 A 111 05:33:33.2263
33 29 Trofeo Motorsport / Pirelli Chevrolet Corvette Z A 110 06:00:23.4048
34 54 Donut King Nissan R35 GTR C 101 05:59:54.3713
35 10 Simply Sports Cars Lotus Exige C  99 05:59:53.2904
36 70 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2  97 05:18:46.1162
37 24 GWS Personnel BMW 335i D  97 05:54:00.3117
38 35 Sennheiser/ Ric Shaw Racing Mazda RX-7 I2  94 06:00:09.8250
39 27 The Shire Conveyancer BMW 130i E  93 06:00:04.5956
40 67 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B  91 06:02:38.5253
41 45 Rentcorp Forklifts Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B  90 05:59:37.0666
42 65 Daytona Sports Cars Pty Ltd Daytona Coupe I3  85 05:59:43.2012
43 68 Motorsport Services Porsche 997 GT3 Cup B  81 05:56:46.4366
44 56 Motorsport Services Seat Leon Supercopa I2  38 05:38:11.0313
45 16 Liqui Moly BMW Z4 GT3 A  36 01:47:26.8595
46 76 Aston Martin St. Gallen Aston Martin Vantage C  26 06:00:03.0753
47 40 Motor School Porsche 996 GT3 Cup GT  13    51:58.1733
48 73 ES Australia Ginetta G50 G4 GT  13    51:59.9930
49 77 VIP Petfoods Aston Martin GT  11    40:57.0530
50 11 JBS Swift Lamborghini GT3 LP56 A  11    40:57.1130
51 38 Mark Griffiths Ginetta G50 G4 GT   5    18:05.3455
OUT 19 Sherrin Rentals BMW 135i D  67 03:32:56.8681
OUT 51 IMAK / KWIKMIT Mosler MT900 GT3 A  55 03:36:10.8420

See below for’s live Twitter updates from Hours 3 to 6

Hour 4

The fourth Safety Car of the race has been called seven minutes into Hour 4. Leader Jaeger pits #B12Hr

Jaeger and Hackett pitted immediately when the Safety Car was called, while Andreas Simonson and Van Gisbergen are now in the lane. #B12Hr

The race has restarted at the 3 hour 25 min mark. Andreas Simonson leads Schneider, Holdsworth, Cioci, Allan Simonsen, Griffin, SVG and Luff – all of whom are now on the lead lap #B12Hr

Simonsen has unexpectedly returned to the pits in the Maranello Ferrari #B12hr

Tony Quinn will not drive the VIP Porsche after his earlier crash in the Aston. He will be replaced by Matt Kingsley.

The VIP Porsche is running under protest following controversy over the eligibility of its 2013 upgrade kit #B12Hr

Schneider has taken the lead from Andreas Simonson. The lead runners had to deal with an expiring Sherrin BMW on the previous lap. #B12Hr

The Maranello Ferrari is going to the garage with a collapsed right-front corner. #B12Hr

The fifth Safety Car of the race has been called at the 3 hour 40 minute mark with the #65 Daytona Coupe stopped on the circuit.

Lead lap runners are currently Schneider, Simonson, Holdsworth, Griffin and Luff #B12Hr

The AF Corse Ferrari is now back on track after losing several laps in the garage #B12Hr

Green flags fly once again with 10 minutes to go in the fourth hour. Schneider leads Andreas Simonsen #B12Hr

As expected, the #30 Hunter Motorsport and #12 ASM Porsches are battling it out for Class B honours, currently ninth and 10th outright.

Schneider isn’t messing around in his first stint – setting the #36 Mercedes’ fastest lap last time by, a 2:07.74s

James Davison has taken Drew Russell for the Class B lead #B12Hr

Order and gaps at end Hour 4: Schneider 7s Simonson 14s Holdsworth 23s Luff 1s Griffin #B12Hr

Hour 5

The Corvette’s troubled day continues, with Capelli limping the Trofeo Motorsport entry into the pits. It’s currently 11 laps down in 27th

Schneider’s lead is out to 22s over Simonson. The German continues to dip into the 2:07s when in clear air #B12Hr

Holdsworth meanwhile has had an unexpected trip to pitlane, dropping from third to fifth. #B12Hr

The sixth Safety Car is now called at the 4 hour 13 min mark, leaving Schneider to lead Simonson to the pits #B12Hr

Luff and Griffin also pit from third and fourth respectively. Holdsworth cycles to the front #B12Hr

Griffin returns the Clearwater Ferrari to the pits having previously served a drive-through. #B12Hr

Safety Car appears to be for a Seat that has stopped on the run to Reid Park #B12Hr

Current order: Holdsworth, Roloff, Kristofferson, Baird, Salmon, Kinglsey, Eddy, Davison, Russell, Li #B12Hr

Race restarts with 4 hours and 23 minutes complete. Only five cars on lead lap. #B12Hr

Holdsworth’s unexpected trip to pitlane just before the Safety Car was a drive-through for overlapping on the previous restart #B12Hr

Baird has taken Salmon for fifth. The latter needs to complete around 70 more minutes before Luff and Lowndes can take it to the end #B12Hr

Baird moves to third, displacing Kristoffersson. Clearwater Ferrari is just 11s from the lead. #B12Hr

Baird is now up to second, passing Roloff with 15 minutes remaining in Hour 5. Holdsworth leads by 8s #B12Hr

The Class E leading Racer Industries Astra is limping down Conrod with a problem on its right-front corner #B12Hr

Salmon has lost 100s to Holdsworth over the 30 mins since the restart and is still running fifth #B12Hr

Gap at the front between Holdsworth and Baird is now under four seconds. #B12Hr

Baird takes the lead from Holdsworth at the turn of the hour #B12Hr

Hour 6

Baird has now put the Salmon/Lowndes/Luff Audi a lap down. Just four left on the lead lap #B12Hr

The Holdsworth car rejoined in fourth following its stop. Hackett currently at the wheel and needs to push if he’s to stay ahead of Baird #B12Hr

Salmon has recently pitted the #6 MPC Audi. Timing screen still shows the car owner at the wheel #B12Hr

Baird’s lead over Roloff is edging towards 30 seconds. Kristoffersson is just 5s further adrift in third, while Hackett is now lapped #B12Hr

Salmon has served a drive-through for pitlane speeding, dropping the #6 MPC Audi further away from the leaders #B12Hr

Baird has pitted the Clearwater Ferrari, handing the top spot back to Roloff #B12Hr

Roloff heads to the lane just one lap after Baird. Kristoffersson follows.

We’ve just completed a full hour of green flag running for the first time all day. #B12Hr

Baird is still in the Clearwater Ferrari and now leads once again from Thomas Jaeger, who has replaced Roloff #B12Hr

Baird leads Jaeger by 1 minute and 7 seconds after electing against changing drivers or tyres gained the car a further 30s #B12Hr

The #48 GB Galvanizing Lamborghini has gone to the garage. It was running 10th, five laps down #B12Hr

Having now reached his minimum driving time, Salmon pits the #6 Audi for the lead time in half an hour #B12Hr

The Maranello Ferrari is currently facing the wrong way between McPhillamy Park and Skyline. John Bowe has stepped out of the car #B12Hr

The Salmon Audi meanwhile has not returned to the track following its last pitstop. #B12Hr

The Maranello incident has triggered the race’s seventh Safety Car, 5 hours and 37 minutes in #B12Hr

Kristoffersson uses the Safety Car to pit the Phoenix Audi from third once again #B12Hr

This yellow works poorly for the Clearwater Ferrari, which is on old tyres and loses its substantial lead #B12Hr

The Clearwater Ferrari’s non-seeded driver, Weng Sun, still needs to undertake a considerable amount of driving as well #B12Hr

Third-placed Hackett has used this yellow to top off on fuel. The #63 has been off-sequence since its drive-through penalty. #B12Hr

Current order ahead of restart: Baird, Jaeger, Kristofferson and Holdsworth. Kingsley is fifth, one lap down #B12Hr

The race restarts at the 5 hour and 50 minute mark #B12Hr

The #67 Motorsport Services Porsche has spun at Forrest’s Elbow and is stranded. Safety Car number eight is called as the seventh hour approaches #B12Hr

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