Yellow flag cloud hanging over Vettel title

Vettel celebrates with Adrian Newey and Christian Horner after Sunday's race

Vettel celebrates with Adrian Newey and Christian Horner after Sunday’s race

The result of the 2012 Formula 1 World Championship may not yet be settled as reports of a yellow flag pass from Sebastian Vettel in the Brazilian Grand Prix continue to circulate.

Both Ferrari and the FIA are understood to be independently reviewing footage of an overtake by Vettel on the Toro Rosso of Jean-Eric Vergne during the fourth lap of last Sunday’s title decider.

The footage, not shown in Sky Sports’ original world feed telecast, shows yellow light boards illuminated at either end of the straight where the pass occurs.

Although the yellow light on Vettel’s steering wheel is illuminated down the entire straight, a green flag appears to be waved at a marshal’s point to the drivers’ left – appearing to exonerate the German.

Nevertheless, FIA rules allow for a formal investigation to be initiated in the face of new evidence. If Vettel is deemed to have transgressed, there remains a possibility that a retrospective penalty could be added to Vettel’s race time – changing the result of the championship in the process.

See below for a slow-motion version of the footage in question posted by a fan on

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