First World Series Sprintcars contracted driver named

Luke Dillon (inside) at last year's WSS Finale in Perth (PIC: WSS)

Luke Dillon (inside) at last year’s WSS Finale in Perth (PIC: WSS)

Luke Dillon is the first driver to be announced for this summer’s World Series Sprintcars campaign, the South Aussie firebrand rejoining the Series as a full time racer after several seasons of picking and choosing his events.

With much speculation surrounding who will and will not be on the tour this season, the first of the announcements gives surety to fans and the Series alike, especially with Dillon being a popular racer in the World Series stronghold of South Australia.

The former Australian Formula 500 Champion has never lacked for confidence and his acceptance onto the WSS trail for 2012/2013 has done nothing to quell that enthusiasm, believing he can take the Series outright:

“I’ll be out there to win the Series. I wouldn’t be out there if I didn’t think we could win, so the aim is to get some wins on the board and score points consistently to be up there at the end.

“With it this year starting at Speedweek, we’ve had great success during that period over the years and know the tracks well – we’re expecting that form to carry over to the rest of the Series.

“Being used to the series format with time trials and the shootout, I think gives us an edge over the guys that won’t know when to push and when to let the race come to them.”

The condensed World Series Sprintcars schedule appealed to the family team, who cite the prevalence of midweek racing as being a hindrance to their ability to chase the Series on a fulltime basis over recent years.

“We’ve had some success when on the road, but the long schedules and mid week racing have really kept us away due to work commitments for myself, my brother Lee and dad Garry who are all part of this – it’s a real family effort,” he explained.

“We’ll be modifying the transporter slightly to cope with the two cars we require to go out on the road with, but it isn’t a huge adjustment. We kept last year’s car and have a new Eagle Chassis, and we’ll two Maxwill motors ready to go.”

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