Tekno seeks performance edge with world-class simulator

Jonathon Webb

Jonathon Webb

Tekno Autosport will become the first V8 Supercars team to install a fully-functioning simulator in a bid to get an edge on its opponents.

The Queensland-based team is in the midst of ordering a simulator, similar in specification to those used by Formula 1 teams.

While in the UK recently, team owner/driver Jonathon Webb sampled some of the machines which will be used by Tekno as a training tool. In time, the simulator will become available to other motorsport teams to rent.

The Australian-first simulator will be complete with 180 degree screen and feature similar race car behaviours, including roll, pitch and yaw characteristics.

It is estimated that by the time the team ships the hardware from the UK to Australia, installs and creates the appropriate software, the total cost will be over half a million dollars.

The simulator is one aspect of a new business venture the Webb’s have created with motorsport physician Phil Young.

Young, a long-time physical instructor to race drivers all around the world, will head up ‘Tekno Human Performance.’

Tekno’s Human Performance arm will focus on driver training, fitness, diet and education.

Young is currently the fitness and performance instructor of the two Tekno Autosport drivers Jonathon Webb and Michael Patrizi, plus other Gold Coast-based V8 Supercars drivers James Courtney, Tim Slade and Scott McLaughlin.

“What we’re doing is putting together a human performance facility, with a motorsport theme,” Young told Speedcafe.com.

“We are trying to develop something very unique in Australia.

“There are a lot of talented drivers here, but there’s not much in the way of dedicated motorsport training, if you like.

“Having the opportunity to set this up with Tekno is fantastic. You have the kudos of being involved in a V8 Supercars team, and you also have the drivers being accessible to assist with driver training and coaching.

“It’s something we want to try and get on the ground in the next six-12 months.”

Initially, the simulator would be for Tekno’s team of drivers to use before becoming available to other organisations to rent.

“Our aim is to get something that is not available in Australia so we can benefit,” Young said.

“Over time, anyone else who comes along to the performance centre can rent it out.

“You have to have something that professional drivers will find both stimulating and educational.

“With the F1 guys, they have a massive budget for it, and they make their own bespoke simulators.

“With our testing restrictions, this is the next step for us. We’ll try and get something that is similar to what the F1 guys have.”

Young admits that creating the real-life simulator will be a costly exercise, but is adamant that it is the next step for professional race teams.

“Just to get it over here, you’re talking a couple of hundred thousand dollars. It’s not a cheap exercise,” Young said.

“And then you have to add specific tracks and other things. The sky is the limit, or your budget is the limit. It’s not going to be cheap, but if you’re looking for the edge, it’s a way to move us forward.”

See below for a video of Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 simulator – regarded as one of the best simulators in the world.

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