AGP V8 ‘drop zone’ format finalised

V8 Supercars at the Australian Grand Prix

V8 Supercars at the Australian Grand Prix

V8 Supercars drivers racing at the back of the field in Friday’s qualifying race at the Australian Grand Prix will be forced to return to pit lane.

In a first for V8 Supercars, Friday’s race at the Albert Park street track will see the drivers at the tail of the field during the 13 lap race summonsed to pit lane.

Thursday’s track action will feature two practice sessions and a twilight qualifying session. The qualifying order will determine the starting slots for Race 1 (to be known as a Qualifying Race) on Friday morning.

After the completion of the third lap, the cars in 28th, 27th, and 26th will be in the ‘drop out zone’ and will return to the pit lane and are out of the race.

After the completion of the fourth lap, the cars in 25th, 24th, and 23rd will be in the ‘drop out zone’ and return to pits.

Every lap until Lap 8 will see another three cars drop out until the final 10 cars continue to the end of the race.

Below a summary of the lap number and positions in the ‘drop out zone’ and when cars are to return to the Pit Lane.

3rd lap – 28th, 27th and 26th.
4th lap – 25th, 24th and 23rd.
5th lap – 22nd, 21st and 20th.
6th lap – 19th, 18th and 17th.
7th lap – 16th, 15th and 14th.
8th lap – 13th, 12th and 11th.

After the qualifying race, V8 Supercars will feature on track across three more sprint races, to be known as Race 2, Race 3 and Race 4.

The Friday afternoon’s Race 2 will be gridded by the order of the finishing order of the qualifying race, while Saturday’s Race 3 will be gridded by the results of Race 2.

For Sunday’s Race 4 will see the cars start in positions based on the points accumulated across Races 2 and 3.

V8 Supercar Event Timetable:

Thursday 15th March
1125-1210 V8 Supercars Hot Laps
1330-1400 V8 Supercars Practice 1
1610-1640 V8 Supercars Practice 2
1830-1900 V8 Supercars Qualifying

Friday 16th March
1100 V8 Supercars Qualifying Race (13 laps or 1129 + 1 lap)
1420 V8 Supercars Race 2 (12 laps or 1449 + 1 lap)

Saturday 17th March
1520 V8 Supercars Race 3 (20 laps or 1604 + 1 lap)

Sunday 18th March
1145-1155 V8 Supercars driver parade
1320 V8 Supercars Race 4 (15 laps or 1354 + 1 lap)

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