Johnson: Team structure perfect for future

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson says that his family team will thrive, thanks to its expanded presence.

In the off-season, the famous DJR squad has grown from two cars to four, adding Dean Fiore (#12) and Steve Owen (#49) to the team’s regular squad of Johnson (#17) and James Moffat (#18).

With the new Car of the Future regulations set to be introduced next year, Johnson says that multi-car teams is the ideal platform and he sees his outfit taking big strides in the coming years.

“A lot of the teams are going multiple cars, and we’re no different,”

“We haven’t had to double the team structure. The structure has always been there, the facility is there and the fundamentals are right. All we’ve just had to put on a few more heads to get through more work load.

“I guess, within the next five years, as is our business plan, our team is going to be thriving and be where I want it to be.”

While DJR’s structure is set for 2012, its future as a four car team is not concrete. Former DJR co-owner Charlie Schwerkolt owns the #18 Racing Entitlements Contract and he is in the final year of his lease deal with the team.

This evening at the Clipsal 500 circuit, Dick Johnson Racing unveiled its two new Jim Beam Racing Falcons. Johnson’s car will feature Jim Beam’s Honey bourbon, while Fiore’s car will carry Devil’s Cut branding.

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