Port-a-loos take down bridge at Sandown

The shit has hit the bridge, you might say!

Oh crap! The s### has hit the bridge, you might say ...

The Falken bridge on the back straight at Sandown has been ripped down by a truck carrying port-a-loos today.

The truck was delivering the portable toilets to various marshalling points around the circuit when the top of the toilets collected the bridge, bringing it down in spectacular fashion.

An eyewitness at the scene sent Speedcafe.com the image and said that he saw the disaster unfold.

“I saw it happening, I said “that bloke ain’t going to fit,” and he didn’t!” he told Speedcafe.com.

“It looks like a fair repair job. There doesn’t appear to be any damage to the race surface or the fence, so it should be OK for this weekend’s races.”

Sandown Raceway’s manager Wade Calderwood says that the Falken bridge will not be repaired and will be removed by the end of today.

“We’ll have it cleared tonight. We’ve just got a crane in there now,” Calderwood confirmed.

“These things happen, there’s always a drama leading up to a race, but we’ll manage like we always do.

“We’re just removing it. It will be too difficult to fix it. We’ll just make sure there’s no track damage, and everyone will race away.”

The Norton 360 Sandown Challenge kicks off this Friday at the outer-Melbourne track.

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