Armco replaces tyre wall at Symmons

The new armco fence at Symmons Plains Raceway

The new armco fence at Symmons Plains Raceway

A new section of armco fencing is being added to Symmons Plains Raceway.

The wall on the outside of Turn 2 (known as Armor All Turn) is currently having a stretch of armco placed in front of an old tyre wall.

The new fence will be complete and ready for track action tomorrow – the first day of competition for the Falken Tasmania Challenge.

Symmons Plains circuit manager Dick Caplice says that the condition of the tyre wall has meant the late addition.

“We had in place an earth bank tyre wall, which is still there, but it was in poor state of repair,” Dick Caplice told

“Rather than repair it where there would be constant maintenance needed, the armco was put in its place as a more long-term, suitable replacement for the first line of protection.

“It’s not temporary or additional. We’ve simply replaced a less satisfactory line of protection with a much more stronger, safer and maintenance friendly fence.”

Caplice says that over a period of time, the remaining earth banks around the 2.41km circuit will be replaced with armco or concrete, but only as funds become available.

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