Ross Stone leaves position on V8 Commission

Ross Stone

Ross Stone

Ross Stone will leave his post on the V8 Supercars Commission, effective Monday.

After a long spell on the previous board structure and the current Commission, Stone will officially step down at the team owners’ Annual General Meeting on Monday.

Both Stone and fellow Commission member Tim Edwards (Ford Performance Racing) have seen their two-year tenures on the Commission end this weekend.

Edwards has been nominated to remain on the Commission, while Stone declined the offer to retain his place.

Todd Kelly (Jack Daniel’s Racing), who has been acting as the alternate commission member for the past year, has been nominated for a full time position and will replace Stone, while Toll HRT racing operations manager Mike Henry is set to replace Kelly as the alternate commissioner.

Edwards, Kelly and Henry will join existing Commission members Mark Skaife (Chairman), Shane Howard and Adam Perry (V8 Supercars representatives) and Chris Lambden (independent).

“I’ve absolutely enjoyed my time on the board and the Commission,” Stone told

“I’ve been there through the way that V8 Supercars has grown and established itself, and just recently we’ve gone through the sale process (to Archer Capital in May).

“On the teams side, Roland was heavily involved in that and I just supported him where ever I could.”

Stone however isn’t ruling out a return to the Commission further down the track, but has decided to reduce his off-track role to concentrate on his race team.

“I really feel we have some unfinished business with our team, and that’s a big part of my decision,” he explanied.

“We have momentum going with the team and we want to try and win a couple more championships.

“I just need my focus here. I’ve supported Todd Kelly to take the role for the next generation to have a crack at it.”

The V8 Supercars Commission was established after the partial sale of V8 Supercars in May. The Commission acts as an advisory body with a particular focus on racing rules, regulations and formats. Recommendations made by the Commission are presented to the V8 board for ratification.

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