Speedcafe.com – the leader in V8 employment

Daniel Kroehn (right) found his job with IRWIN Racing via Speedcafe.com

Speedcafe.com has quickly established itself as the motor sport industry’s favourite place to advertise new jobs.

Speedcafe.com has one of Australian motor sport’s most comprehensive list of current industry jobs, with race teams from various categories and motor sport suppliers choosing to advertise on the country’s most comprehensive and popular racing websites.

The Speedcafe.com employment section is a free service to any organisation related to the world of motorsport and has several jobs on show at any one time.

At the moment Triple Eight is looking for a Senior Design Engineer, Walkinshaw Racing an Engine Engineer and Ford Performance Racing has two roles listed.

Tony D’Alberto has also taken advantage of the site’s employment section as it seeks a number one mechanic for his Wilson Security Ford Falcon. There are also positions advertised by Paul Morris Motorsport, Brad Jones Racing, Garry Rogers Motorsport and teams from other racing categories.

Paul Morris Motorsport was thrilled when Speedcafe.com started its own employment section.

“The inclusion of an employment section to the Speedcafe site was a huge boost for a larger team like Paul Morris Motorsports because we are an ever developing outfit that is always on the lookout for fresh, intelligent and highly skilled staff,” said Team Principal Paul Morris.

“We’ve gone down the avenue of recruitment companies and similar channels but the fact is the best in the business read the best in the business and we’ve, hands down, had our best recruitment acquisitions through Speedcafe’s employment section.

“The best bit is that it’s simple to use and completely free. You can’t beat that.”

Paul Morris advertised on Speedcafe.com searching for an engineer and found Jarrod Cox (right)

Many teams choose to use Speedcafe.com as their only external advertiser.

“There are only two places where Stone Brothers Racing advertises job vacancies – the team website and Speedcafe.com,” said Stone Brothers Racing Team Manager David Stuart.

“The SBR website obviously gets fans of the race team and Speedcafe.com has the whole industry reading it, so if someone from another racing category or team is looking for a job they know that Speedcafe.com has our vacancy listed.

“Any time we put a job up on Speedcafe.com we get between ten and fifteen resumes sent in.

“We tell everyone looking to work for us that positions will continue to be posted on the website and on Speedcafe.com. It is something that works very well for us.”

If you are interested in advertising motor sport related jobs on the Speedcafe.com employment section, CLICK HERE to go to the employment page and fill out your details.

If you are wanting to enter the motor sport industry, or want to know what jobs are on offer outside of your own team, there’s really only one place to look … www.speedcafe.com

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