Ash Cloud havoc for V8 drivers

Jason Bright

The ash cloud that has caused air traffic chaos over Australia in the past week is still a thorn in the side of at least six V8 Supercar drivers.

Team BOC’s Jason Bright decided to spend an extra two days in Darwin to relax and go fishing. Right now he’s stuck in Alice Springs as his connecting flights to Melbourne have been grounded.

“We were in with a shot of making it,” said Bright on Twitter.

“Plane has all the tyres and is full of fuel, but I’m here with a hundred passengers stuck.

“Tried to hire a car, no deal! Tried to hire campervan, pricey but possible tomorrow morning. Melbourne Airport definitely closed till Thursday.

“Now if they could just find our bags we will be off to motel.”

Orrcon Steel Ford Performance Racing’s Mark Winterbottom is back home in Melbourne. However, he’s due to leave for Townsville as part of the Car’s 2 Movie Premiers across the country.

Originally on a direct flight to Townsville. He has been rerouted via Brisbane.

“Off to Townsville potentially,” said Winterbottom.

“The ash cloud is causing havoc in Melbourne and now my flight time has blown out by four hours!

“My event in Townsville is not until tomorrow, but I still need to make my connecting flight in Brisbane.

“I might need to ask the pilot if he’s seen ‘Days of Thunder’ and tell him to ‘go high’ when he sees the cloud!”

James Courtney (Toll Holden Racing Team) and Russell Ingall (Supercheap Auto Racing) are in Sydney for an appearance.

“OK great, Mr Ingall and I just beat the Ash cloud to Sydney,” said Courtney on Twitter.

“At least I beat something this week. Don’t think we will get home tonight.”

Garth Tander (Toll Holden Racing Team) also made it to Sydney.

“OK, landed in Sydney, last flight to land today apparently,” said Tander on Twitter.

“Now do some TV stuff for V8Xtra and then start the A-Team part of journey home!!”

Meanwhile back up in Darwin remains Will Davison (Trading Post Ford Performance Racing).

“Doesn’t look like I’ll be flying home from Darwin in the morning dammit!,” said Davison on Twitter.

“Great day of fishing anyway, got sun burnt and saw some thumper crocs.”

As well as the drivers currently affected, others including Greg Murphy (Pepsi Max Crew) and Lee Holdsworth (Fujitsu GRM), who had interstate plans for sponsor, public and business commitments are all waiting to hear if they can travel.

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