V8 Supercars clarifies burn-out regulations

Shane van Gisbergen win his first V8 race in Hamilton

Shane van Gisbergen won his first V8 race in Hamilton

V8 Supercars has clarified the regulations regarding post-race burnouts.

After Shane van Gisbergen’s burn-out celebrations in Hamilton, New Zealand two weeks ago, V8 officials reminded drivers at this morning’s drivers briefing at Barbagallo Raceway that performing burn-outs was against category regulations.

V8 Supercars officials have warned the drivers and teams that performing burn-outs or doughnuts will result in a penalty.

The rationale behind today’s briefing is two-fold: The teams self-police to preserve their tyre banks, and secondly, it ensures the winning driver returns to the podium on time for the live telecast.

In New Zealand, van Gisbergen stayed on the track for several minutes doing burn-outs, and as a result was unable to get his car through the pit lane Parc Ferme area to the podium.

It compromised part of the live-to-air podium.

V8 CEO Martin Whitaker says that there are sound reasons for not allowing post-race burn-outs.

“There are sound and logical reasons why we don’t encourage burnouts, not to mention we also want to send a positive message to young people when it comes to road safety and how they should behave,” he told Speedcafe.com.

“In fact, apart from the Champion at the final event, burnouts have never been allowed for these very good reasons. We are not trying to be big brother, just take a common sense approach.”

Enforcing the ‘no burn-out’ rule has drivers and fans alike up in arms. CLICK HERE for Speedcafe.com’s earlier story.

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