Stunning film technique used on V8s in Sydney

A sample of Keith Loutit's film work in Sydney

A sample of Keith Loutit's film work in Sydney

According to V8 Supercars Australia, the Sydney Telstra 500 was the biggest and best race of the year, but looking at Sydney photographer and filmmaker Keith Loutit’s work from the race, you’d think the opposite.

Reknowned for pioneering the tilt-shift/time-lapse filming technique, Loutit is able to use the combination of time and focus to support the illusion of miniaturisation in film.

Telstra commissioned Loutit to try his amazing photographic style on the V8 Supercars at the season-ending Sydney Telstra 500 – and the outcome is outstanding.

In his scaled down and sped up realities, real world subjects become their miniature counterparts. Boats bob like toys in a bathtub, cars race like slot-cars and crowds march as toy armies.

According to Loutit, his aim is create a sense of wonder in our surroundings by “challenging people’s perceptions of scale, and helping the viewer to distance themselves from places they know well.”

See below for his take on the Sydney Telstra 500. See bottom for a collection of his other handy work.

Small Worlds Project: Pacific Ocean. Pause while a clip is playing to share it.
Tilt Shift Video by Keith Loutit | Twitter | Facebook

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