Moffat the best to work with: Garry Wilkinson

Garry Wilkinson has praised Allan Moffat as the best driver he worked with

Former Channel Seven motorsport commentator Garry Wilkinson says that Allan Moffat is the best driver he ever worked with and learned more from the Canadian great than anyone else.

Working alongside Mike Raymond, Wilkinson left the intricate mechanical details of the sport to his more technically mined co-commentator and enjoyed bringing the sport to life through the people that were involved.

Wilkinson worked with some of the most famous names in the sport, drivers like Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Larry Perkins and the like, but his favourite was Allan Moffat.

“I put Allan Moffat at the top of the tree, he was a fantastic competitor,” recalled Garry Wilkinson.

“Many people found him difficult to approach; I never found that, we had a great rapport.

“I was always respectful of Moffat, I’d stand and patiently wait for him, knowing he’d eventually come over and we’d have a chat.

“I learned more about motorsport talking to Moffat, Fred Gibson and Frank Gardner.

“I’d just walk down pit lane, wait for them and we’d have a quiet chat, they’d talk in layman’s terms and I’d come away with a better understanding of the sport.

“These kind of people were fantastic to work with.”

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