thumbNote from the Editor,

Hi viewers. News Editor Grant Rowley here, offering my apologies for the ‘issues’ that Speedcafe has been dealing with in the past 24 hours.

If I was to explain the situation in racing-speak, it seems that someone let our tyres down which forced us to do an unscheduled pitstop.  

During our pitstop, we found out what caused the tyre to go down and we’re nearly back on track and at full noise.  

Google have black flagged us because of a loose wheel nut going into the fast lane but we’ve got the all clear from Internet Explorer and Google will be clearing us shortly as the cause of the flat tyre has now been found and removed.

In other words, Speedcafe was hacked. We were cut down in our prime! But like all champions, we’ve shrugged off the controversy and will be back at full pace very soon. Google may give you a warning anytime you type Speedcafe into the search engine. Rest assured there are no issues with infections as this has NOW all been cleared-up. However, Google will take a number of days to clear its warning.

A note to the hacker, get a life. A note to our readers, thanks for your many emails, phone calls, text messages etc. The show rolls on!

And how could it stop? The biggest race of the year is just around the corner …

See you all at Bathurst.

Grant Rowley

News Editor
[email protected]

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