GRM set to give new car Island debut

Lee Holdsworth in his #33 Fujitsu Racing/GRM Commodore VE at Winton

Lee Holdsworth in his #33 Fujitsu Racing/GRM Commodore VE at Winton

Fujitsu Racing is likely to debut its new car at the L&H 500 at Phillip Island in September.

The Garry Rogers Motorsport team is in the final stages of the new car’s build, which will be shaken down at Winton before debuting at the Island venue.

Rogers would not confirm which driver would get the new Commodore, although Lee Holdsworth is due for a new car. The last of the team’s new cars was given to Michael Caruso, who debuted it at the start of the 2009 season.

Rogers told that with both cars inside the top 10 in this year’s V8 Championship Series (Holdsworth seventh and Caruso ninth), life is good at Fujitsu Racing – but a little extra speed wouldn’t go astray …

“We’re going good. We could be a whisker quicker, but we’re certainly getting closer by the meeting, in my opinion,” he said.

“The plan is to run the new car at Phillip Island. I haven’t spoken to Shirl (team manager Kevin Shawyer) about who will get it. We haven’t given it much of a thought.

“We’ll test it before it races. I often wonder whether you really need to test a car before racing them. We’ve plucked cars straight out of the workshop, put them on the track and they’ve been ball tearers!

“With all the knowledge that we have these days, we should just be able to roll them out of the truck, bolt them onto the track and go.

“But I think it will be common sense to give it a run before we head to Phillip Island.”

The L&H 500 is a two-driver race, with V8 part-timers David Besnard and Greg Ritter partnering Holdsworth and Caruso respectively. The L&H 500 at Phillip Island will be held on September 10-12.

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