Strong backing for Slade’s SBR entry

Tim Slade's Falcon FG at the team's photo shoot on Saturday

Tim Slade's Falcon FG at the team's photo shoot on Saturday

James Rosenberg has praised the commercial influence of his marketing manager Paul Cruickshank for piecing together a strong financial package for Rosenberg’s first V8 Supercar entry with Stone Brothers Racing.

At the end of last year, Cruickshank sold his Racing Entitlements Contract to Rosenberg, who linked with Stone Brothers Racing to add a third Falcon FG to its stables for up and coming driver Tim Slade.

Slade will drive the #47 Wilson Security Racing car alongside Alex Davison (#4 IRWIN Tools) and #9 Shane van Gisbergen (#9 SP Tools).

Alex Davison, Tim Slade and Shane van Gisbergen in their 2010 driving suits

Alex Davison, Tim Slade and Shane van Gisbergen in their 2010 driving suits

Cruickshank has managed to hold onto the majority of his partners from when he ran his own V8 team last year – including major backer Wilson Security, Doric and East Coast Traffic Control.

Rosenberg says that Cruickshank will be his “front man” on the commercial side of his racing team.

“I wouldn’t have bought a licence if Paul wasn’t going to be involved,” Rosenberg told

“Obviously Paul had contacts with his existing supporters and he’s retained them all, plus picked up a few others.

“Also, we’ve had some help from the Stones with Lucky 7 – they were very influential with that.

“It’s all worked out pretty well. We’re not too far behind budget. We’ll pick up bits and pieces down the track as we’re doing. Paul is very good. He’s my marketing manager, the front man, I just control the finances, and that’s the way we want it.”

At the launch of SBR’s new three-car team last Friday night, Rosenberg said that the charity event for corporates and fans was a good initiative.

“I thought it was a very professional night,” he said.

“There were a lot of people there, I think about 300 people, and it gave me a chance to talk to all my sponsors that Paul Cruickshank has brought on board. It was a chance for me to catch up with the Wilson Security people, Doric, Lucky 7 and East Coast Traffic people.

“They are all going to be a big part of my year, for sure, because they are very important to running these cars.

“It was a really good night. There were a lot of people there with a charity auction and they raised $17,000, which we all participated in.

“It’s good to have Lucky 7 on board as well, because they’re new to the game and they are a primary supporter of my car.”

Slade says that he is rapt to be part of the Stone Brothers’ expanded outfit.

“This year will be my second fulltime season in V8 Supercars and I am thrilled to be joining the Stone Brothers Racing team,” he said.

“I have been given a great opportunity to work with a team that has such an enviable history. It’s great to have Wilson Security and Lucky 7 on board as major partners of the #47 car.”

The #47 SBR-built Falcon FG will hit the track for the first time at the official Queensland Raceway test next Tuesday.

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