Astuti and Sofi set for Fujitsu V8 Supercars

Mat Sofi and Astuti Motorsport is set to compete in the Fujitsu V8 Series this year

Mat Sofi and Astuti Motorsport is set to compete in the Fujitsu V8 Series this year

Astuti Motorsport is set to make its first foray into V8 Supercar competition this year.

The stalwart Australian Formula 3 team is close to securing a car to enter Mat Sofi in the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series.

Team boss Sam Astuti told that his deals are being formalised now and if his team does sign off on its V8 plans, it will “probably be in a Holden.”

“We’re working away at it at this stage,” he said.

“Nothing is concrete yet, but I hope to finalise it as soon as I can.

“It’s a completely different car to run compared to what we’ve been used to. It won’t be difficult in any way, but it will require some new infrastructure. We’ll need some new crew as well to get our heads around it. Previously, I’ve run an Aston Martin GT car, and we’ve done that quite successfully.

“In many ways, the V8 is not a different car to master. The GT is a little more refined in the aero, so I’m sure we’ll get our heads around it.”

Sofi has contested the past four Australian F3 Championships, finishing 2009 with a best overall result of third outright.

Now, it’s time for him to make the step to V8 Supercars, and Astuti is confident that Sofi will be capable of the job.

“He’s matured a lot as a driver since he has been with us and his approach is completely different now,” he said.

“I think the step into V8 Supercars won’t be a big deal for him. He’s one of those drivers who is very smooth, takes his time, so I think with his driving and maturity, he’ll be quite good.”

Astuti has not purchased a car yet, but hopes to have something ‘red’ locked in soon.

“At this stage, we’re looking at a few cars, but I think it’s going to be a Holden,” he said.

“We hope to have it finalised in the next couple of weeks.”

Astuti will continue to enter cars in the Formula 3 Championship, although he does not have any confirmed drivers for his title challenge yet.

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