V8 teams get a sneak peek of the future

The V8 Supercar pack in 2009 is set to have a similar, but different feel in the future

The V8 Supercar pack in 2009 is set to have a similar, but different feel in the future

V8 Supercar team owners will get their first look at the category’s Car of the Future this Thursday (26th) in Melbourne.

Independent board member Mark Skaife, who presented his findings to the board earlier this month, has headed the Car of the Future project. Now, all team owners will get a chance to look at the what Skaife is proposing as the future technical direction the of the sport.

“I’ve already present my findings to the board, and the board have asked me to present it to the team owners,” he said.

“I’m happy that the board are behind what we’re suggesting and we’re able to make recommendations to the team owners, so it should be great.”

Team owners will be able to discuss and ask questions about the Car of the Future plans at the meeting. A definitive technical outline of the new V8 Supercar will be made public in February 2010.

The new V8 Supercar is designed to reduced costs, increase common parts between different makes and teams and improve safety.

Charlie Schwerkolt said that he is keen to see Skaife’s findings.

“I’m definitely interested,” he said.

“It’s exciting, and it’s our future. We’re looking forward to seeing what that holds, the cost-savings, the commonality out of the whole thing. I don’t know all of the details yet, but from what I hear it’s a good thing.

“We need to get the cost down for sure. That’s probably the main thing, but it still needs to be exciting racing and keep the current closeness of the competition.”

Walkinshaw Racing CEO Craig Wilson is hoping that the changes aren’t dramatic.

“We’ll find out on Thursday, but I hope there’s not too much change,” he said.

“The values of Holden and Ford are very important to the sport, so it needs to be evolution, not a revolution.”

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