Hamilton and Rosberg free to race for 2014 title

  • Saturday 30th August, 2014 12:00am
  • Author: Tom Howard ©
Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are free to race

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are free to race

Warring team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been told that they are free to race for the 2014 title after Mercedes held clear the air talks.

The Brackley-based team held a meeting between key personnel including its drivers Hamilton and Rosberg to discuss the much publicised on track clash at the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend.

As a result, the team issued a statement confirming the pair are free to race for this year’s world championship without the introduction of team orders.

However, the pacesetting squad has reiterated that any repeat of this incident in future races will not be tolerated.

The statement also revealed that Rosberg has been disciplined for his role in the clash, which inflicted a puncture to Hamilton’s left rear tyre as the pair were fighting for the lead.

Rosberg has also apologised to Hamilton for his misjudgement.

“Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton met in the boardroom of Mercedes AMG Petronas headquarters in Brackley to discuss the events of the Belgian Grand Prix,” read the statement.

“During this meeting, Nico acknowledged his responsibility for the contact that occurred on lap two of the Belgian Grand Prix and apologised for this error of judgement.

“Suitable disciplinary measures have been taken for the incident.

“Mercedes-Benz remains committed to hard, fair racing because this is the right way to win world championships. It is good for the team, for the fans and for Formula 1.

“Lewis and Nico understand and accept the team’s number one rule: there must be no contact between the team’s cars on track.

“It has been made clear that another such incident will not be tolerated. But Nico and Lewis are our drivers and we believe in them.

“They remain free to race for the 2014 FIA Formula 1 world championship.”

Hamilton’s retirement from the Belgian Grand Prix has seen him slip 29 points behind his team-mate Rosberg, who leads the championship standings.

The pair are likely to continue their on track battle at next weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

  • http://www.goodpublicity.com.au/ Good Publicity

    Mercedes’ statement omits what the “Suitable disciplinary measures” were.


  • Mistagear

    I’m sorry Lewis, for taking a 29pt lead over you. I agree with Toto that we are not allowed to touch for the remaining 7 races. Worst case for me now is I follow you around for the next 7 races and win driver’s title by 21pts (double pts final) and you’re not allowed to touch me. What a great outcome this has been for me..Discipline me again next year ..please

  • Randomness

    If he came 2nd to Hamilton in every race his lead would be gone in 4 races.

  • Mistagear

    I’m counting on another brand winning a few of the remaining races, not Merc 7/0

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    I think who ever is the most out n out hungriest to win will win the championship – outside of mechanical or racing incident-bad-luck of course. Remarkably though, the best drivers seem to minimise their bad luck and maximise their good luck. Desperate, skilled drivers can make dirty tactics look like accidental-good-luck. Rosberg is determined AND incredibly skilled! I can’t imagine any Mercedes finger shaking making a difference here except maybe to up the (desperate) skill level, but given equal cars and fair racing I easily back Hamilton to win the contest.

  • blackpoint

    That’s a pathetic/racist comment with NO “Commonsense” at all. Like you statement Nico Rosberg will also make Lewis Hamilton look pathetic too.!

  • cozza


    Any pro sportsman that wants to quit half way thru an event should be sacked….

    Jensen deserves your seat sir!

  • gazmanjack

    Hamilton, no matter what you may think of him, he is still a spoiled brat. Just goes to show how immature Hamilton is, when he wants to retire, not even half way through the race. This reaction from Hamilton, happens all the time when things don’t go ‘his’ way. Now imagine if Ron Dennis was at Mecedes, Rosberg wouldn’t have a drive next year with Mecedes….

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    No common sense at all? lol, please explain how and where. Racist comment? please explain how and where…? this will be interesting.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    Spoilt, immature? The damage to Hamilton’s car was such that he couldn’t even catch the back markers let alone overtake even if there was a safely car = No points.
    One engine had previously blown meaning one less engine than Rosberg to finish the championship. His spoilt, immature retirement suggestion was to save his engine, that’s why the team finally pulled him in. Should have retired him much earlier when he first suggested it!

  • Margaret

    Common sense , if only . Lets Enjoy The Form 1 .Go Aussie. Drivers,teams
    all know the rules, if The Team rules or the Form 1 rules . A team sport or Team race. In any sport most would like to finish ahead of their other team drivers or team members most want to win in any sport.Why compete in any thing if one does not want to win . IF a lot of money involved or not , sadly ,may be ,too much going on behind the scenes in the From1 ,Go Aussie .

  • gazmanjack

    The only damage was a cut tyre, not a mechanical problem. If Hamilton had actually slowed down some what on the return to the pits, he would not have torn up his cars undertray/aero in front of the damage tyre. Why do so many other drivers that suffer the same fate as a blown tyre, happen to climb back through the pack and get into the points ? On Lap 13, Mecedes tell Hamilton that he is 1 sec faster than Grosjean and that the only car faster than him is Bottas. On lap 21, Brundle announces that Hamilton is ‘being down’, (since the incident), with Hamilton saying that his tyres won’t last. The team also tell Hamilton to stay out as he doesn’t know what may happen in the race. Again on Lap 28, Hamilton complains that he has no pace, once again the team reassures him and tells him if there is a chance of a pace car, he can fight back. On lap 31, Hamilton again asks “What’s going on ?” The team replies, “We are working out a strategy”. A lap later they box Hamilton for tyres. Hamilton has been given the ‘slower tyre’ as the damage to his car, is wearing the tyres out at a quicker rate. So, in the end, the team decides to retire Hamilton on lap 40, with only 4 to go, but why ? There was nothing wrong with the engine nor the gearbox… The team now needs to explain why they retired Hamilton to the ‘powers that be’. The real problem lies with the driver and his error of tearing up the aero on his return to the pits, as explained by the Brundle earlier….

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    In which case then Hamilton’s only-sin was in not slowing down more…not in his wanting to pull out to save engine wear early on. Brundle wouldn’t have had a clue what Hamilton was thinking or doing preferring to carelessly speculate instead…which makes really great media hype. By your report Hamilton’s wishes was proved right. His after race interview reveals he couldn’t catch Grosjean and that Sutill was pulling away. Four laps isn’t a lot to save in the end (but something) but 30 (or what ever) laps on an F1 engine is massive considering he has one less engine to use than Rosberg…race engines (and gear boxes) have finite life

  • blackpoint

    Actually you being a Kiwi, Commonsense,it’s no wonder your taking a colored persons side, cause your country generally doesn’t give a stuff about [pakeha]-Maori for European people, in New Zealand.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    “I’m just taking the coloured persons side??” Well that was a little more interesting than anticipated blackpoint! Do all Australians think like you? Please explain so I can ‘actually’ understand your perception on NZs attitude towards racism and cultural acceptance. Or how about just pointing out where in my posts I’m being or sounding racist in any-way-what-so-ever??

  • Vince

    Racist? How is that comment racist?

  • Vince

    You’re starting to sound like the racist! ‘coloured person’ indeed!
    And I think you’ve got your ‘pakeha’ and ‘Maori’ mixed up! Lol

  • blackpoint

    You should perhaps read it right. The Maori word for a European is “pakeha”, simple,
    How can calling a colored person be racist, Vince, when a European is called fair.? Like someone has is a red head,blonde or black, colored hair. So you cant mention their hair color because that might be racist too.? Hardly.

  • blackpoint

    Perhaps you should venture back, to your home country, of NZ
    to appreciate what I’m actually saying.C/sense.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    …to be honest you sound like a not-very discreet member of a racist group? Perhaps a Pauline Hansen groupie or an anti asylum seeker advocate? KluKluxKlan? Would be much easier if you simply explained where my post was pathetically racist (as you put it) with apparently no common sense…please?

  • blackpoint

    LOL, no not any of the above, sorry C/sense but then again any of those groups would be way better than the way you think.!

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunsail-nz/ Commonsense

    Pauline Hansen caliber?? So you’re a Pauline Hansen policy supporter, why am I not surprised??…there are Pauline Hansen politicians in every colonised country playing the propaganda race card for votes. Like Queensland, NZ will see through it. You’ve confirmed what you are about so good luck blackpoint

  • JP Lee

    Hulkenberg is the one who deserves that seat

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