Vettel set for new chassis at Monza

  • Thursday 28th August, 2014 10:31am
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Sebastian Vettel to receive new chassis

Sebastian Vettel to receive new chassis

Reigning Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel will run a new chassis at the Italian Grand Prix next week.

The four-time champion struggled for outright pace in last Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix having qualified on the front row of the grid for only the fourth time this year.

His lack of pace was emphasised by team-mate Daniel Ricciardo going on to win the race, while Vettel was left to settle for fifth position, almost a minute behind the Aussie.

Red Bull has investigated the issue surrounding Vettel’s RB10 and as a result the German will receive a new chassis for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, according to Autosport.

This will be the second time Vettel has changed chassis after undergoing a switch prior to the Spanish Grand Prix.

“A lot of things have gone wrong for him – even this weekend (in Spa) with a spark plug failure on Friday that robbed him of a lot of time,” said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

“We need to check to see if anything has actually broken on the car. It was extremely unusual what we saw.”

Red Bull has also confirmed that Vettel will work with a new race engineer in 2015 following the promotion of Guillaume Rocquelin to head of race engineering.

Rocquelin has helped guide Vettel to all four of his world championships and will be replaced by Gianpiero Lambiase, who will join the team from Force India.

  • Greg

    Throw a new chassis and engineer at him to stop his whinging so maybe he can deliver again. He’s had the silver spoon treatment and preference for a long while but this season he’s rattled under pressure from within – can’t tell me Dan has a better car and engineer, he’s just talented, committed and cool headed with the right attitude. Vettel’s talented too as his results show but Red Bull should send him to finishing school to learn how to be humble, gracious and certainly less arrogant. Kick his ass Dan – I bet Mark Webber appreciates what you’re doing and is probably grinning as much as you do…. we’re proud of you Aussie boys!

  • Alex White

    Like vettel said in an interview; he was so used to the old spec cars that the transition was not so smooth for him. Dan on the other hand did not. Don’t get me wrong they are both great drivers, but seb has to serverly change his driving style.

  • Scott

    Sorry is Vettel the only one with a new car this season? Think not, it is just excuses after excuses. I didn’t hear Webber complaining this much when he was sitting on the side of the track numerous times and I didn’t see Red Bull giving Webber a new chassis regularly just to try and keep up. Go Dan! Keep it up mate. Even my wife is getting into it now, to quote her after the last race “Suck on that Vettel” Good to see another Aussie doing extremely well on the world stage.

  • Peter

    I’m absolutely loving the way Dan is kicking this guy’s ass. Everyone at Red Bull knows just how fast our man is & to keep Vettel happy are throwing a third chassis in his direction. What will his excuse be at Monza? It’s a new chassis? I hope Webber is enjoying this, I know I am.
    Two words for Vettel: TOUGH LUCK
    Glad to see Red Bull have finally realized you need straightline speed to be competitive. It’s all good to have downforce & corner speed but if you get blown off on the straights then what good does it do? It’s a lot easier to pass on the straights than it is to have to find a way around a competitor in the corners.

  • Fergus Gibson

    I bet he is glad he is out of Marks old car!! Lol

  • Mistagear

    Hardly think Webber will be overly happy. Sure someone is beating his past rival Vettel, but in comparative terms the (Webber Vs Vettel) against (Vettel VS Ricciardo) equation, it sheds a very dim light on Webbers actual yeah, maybe the, umm err, #2 driver tag fitted more than people realized at the time

  • Sam

    Cry baby Vettel, go DAN!

  • Peter

    Lol. Unbelievable huh. How different would the previous World Championships have been had Vettel been in Mark’s car? If I could be bothered, I’d crunch the numbers just to see if Webber would’ve won a title.
    I gotta say, I’m in total shock that Helmut Marko didn’t order a sneaky number change between chassis earlier in the year when his precious little Vettel was having reliability issues. It wouldn’t achieve a thing now considering he’s so far behind Dan in points.

  • Glenn Frost

    Dan also moved from the 2013 style car into the new one and a new team . . so I don’t think that excuse really cuts it!

  • gingerbreadman

    Not to stand up for vettel, or the say anything against Rici, and hats off to all his wins so far this year, it has been good racing and very good driving to place him self in such a way to pick up the broken pieces every time the silver cars stuff up. Well done for that. Just on a Vettel note. Reading the the crying and moaning, I don’t really see him in the press crying about what went wrong, mayby he is crying to his team, but be fair, wouldn’t you give your employer a hard time as well if they don’t give you proper equipment to deliver the result that you are expected by not only them, but every body else. sure Rici is beating him, but in Canada on the podium he was the first one to give the glory to Rici, and tried hard to stay in the back ground. Good on Vettel on supporting his team mate. not what you can say for the mec boys.

  • Greg

    Mistagear – you are wrong, Webber was in the wrong place with the odds stacked against him with the preference Vettel was given at the time. Nothing wrong with Mark’s ability and he had a lot of wins, certainly more than many greats and giants of the sport. Vettel is now looking for a drive elsewhere because he is not being spoilt any more – he is just a spoilt brat and Christian Horner knows Dan is the future.


    wish i had a missus like that,im trying to teach staffy to bark @ vettel


    dan had been with torro rosso,in the same spec cars so he had to adjust the same as all 22 drivers.i think vettel just doesnt have the feel needed to drive with less downforce,and good drivers can feel their car and adjust.hit the simulator seb,hes probably lazy now

  • Deecee

    Might stop crying for a week or two, until Dan kicks his but again, then it will be something else. !!

  • Chris

    Vettel’s first chassis was a dud, they then gave him the one and only test chassis from the beginning of the year, we all know what a disasterous time RedBull had with that. I am sure this will be a big improvement. As for Dan, he has always been fast, before he even joined Rosso he showed his speed in testing the RedBull. I hope he continues to win many races.

  • Mistagear

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, Mark Webber finished no higher than 2nd in any series he ever competed in. Formula Ford in Aus and Brit , Brit F3, GT and F1. Sure he won some races but his star has never shone as brightly as many of his fellow racers. No disrespect, he’s an accomplished journeyman who almost made the top step in a number of hotly contested series yet always beaten by more talented drivers. I suggest he was at the right place and time when Redbull placed him behind Seb as #2 driver

  • Peter

    You’re right in saying Mark never won a championship but I was at Phillip Island in 1995 when he won a Formula Ford race in the rain by 40 seconds so journeyman my foot.
    It’s very hard to win an F1 title when you get your front wing taken off you so your teammate can have it. Even so, he still beat him! Mark is acknowledged, by those in the know, as having absolutely terrible luck with car reliability. How many of his DNFs were down to driver error?
    I’ll also add that Mark is one of only two drivers in the entire history of F1 (the other being Schumacher) to win a Grand Prix having had to serve a drive-thru penalty. It’s also pretty hard to put up with a one-eyed Red Bull sporting director offering absolutely no support whatsoever & being totally biased towards Vettel. And yes, that pun was fully intended & I make no apologies for it either.

  • Alex White

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but to be at the front for four years straight and then suffer from problem after problem, you would be frustrated too. If not plagued by troubles I’m sure Sebastian would be up there with Riccardo. Dan has had one dnf this season. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Sébastien goes to McLaren Honda next year. Oh and I don’t think webber would be laughing, problems still followed him to the WEC with the Porsche 919 hybrid.

  • Scott

    I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with the issues he has had. We are just saying Webber didn’t complain as much when he was in the same situation. The difference is Webber wasn’t given 3 different chassis to try and escape the issues. A lot of the issues look like driver error anyway. Out braking himself at Spa wasn’t a car problem. Dan has had one DNF but he was also disqualified in Aus. Championship would look a lot better for Dan without the disqualification. We will soon find out if a third chassis returns Vettel to his usual winning ways. Hopefully not!

  • Mistagear

    OK, no prob, you’re obviously a fan. BTW I think he came about 5th in the series that yr, a better guide than 1 race result. From memory, Bargwana the only name that comes to mind, not a star studded field to come 4th in… But he did spend a long career in F1 and thats special in anyones book, just not the same class as SV or Dan. No doubt in my mind

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