Mercedes may enforce team orders on drivers

  • Monday 25th August, 2014 3:25pm
  • Author: Tom Howard ©
Mercedes may enforce team orders upon its drivers

Mercedes may enforce team orders upon its drivers

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has warned the team may no longer allow its drivers the freedom to race each other following the controversial clash between team-mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at Spa.

Wolff and non executive chairman Niki Lauda were angered by a collision involving its two title protagonists on lap two of the Belgian Grand Prix, which saw Rosberg inflict a puncture on race leader Hamilton.

The incident cost the team crucial world championship points and a likely one-two finish.

Rosberg went on to finish second behind race winner Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, while Hamilton retired from the race slipping 29 points adrift of his team-mate in the standings.

Having labelled the incident as “unacceptable”, Wolff said the team will not tolerate a repeat of this incident in the future, hinting that they could enforce team orders upon its drivers.

The team held a meeting with its drivers to discuss the incident after the race.

“It would be too early to elaborate in detail because the devil lies in the detail,” said Wolff.

“We’re all fans and we owe it to ourselves and everybody out there to let them race.

“That philosophy has ended in Mercedes losing many valuable points and we don’t want to end up in Abu Dhabi, with a season where we lost the championship, be it constructors’ or drivers’, because we’re too much race fans.

“We’ve probably not hit the self-destruct button yet but there is a lot at stake, and if you don’t manage this properly now it could end up at that point.

“It’s one thing enjoying great races and letting them fight with each other, but if you look like a fool at the end of the season then you haven’t won anything.”

Hamilton fanned the flames after revealing that Rosberg claimed he deliberately made contact with the 2008 world champion’s Mercedes at Les Combes.

“We just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on purpose,” said Hamilton.

“He said he could have avoided it. He said ‘I did it to prove a point’. He basically said I did it to prove a point.

“And you don’t have to just rely on me. Go and ask Toto (Wolff) and Paddy (Lowe) who are not happy with him as well.”

Wolff dismissed allegations that Rosberg intended to collide with Hamilton claiming his version of events had been misinterpreted.

However, the Mercedes boss has revealed the team may be forced to impose stricter sanctions on its drivers to avoid any future on-track flare ups.

“We’ve seen the limits of the slap on the wrist,” added Wolff.

“Maybe the slap on the wrist is not enough.

“If Lewis has said that it’s going to be a slap on the wrist, and that there’s going to be no consequence, then he’s not aware of what consequences we can implement.”


  • Alex White

    There are a couple of videos on YouTube watch them, you can see hamilton assumes racing line while rosberg has nowhere to go. Hamilton always been a dirty driver and only cares about himself. People need to see that.

  • Fergus Gibson

    Here is my 10 c worth — Rosberg has speed over Hamilton — Another result like Spa, he will self destruct, blame Mercedes that Rosberg is getting better gear because he is German, pull the race card out (again) and go back to McClaren

  • Daz

    It was quite clear for all to see that Rosberg was setting up for a pass in the second part of Les Combe by holding the outside line through the right hander. Hamilton cut across him and left Rosberg to decide if they were to have an accident or not just like Senna et al used to back in the day. Unfortunately for Hamilton, Rosberg DID decide to have an accident, one that would be detrimental to Lewis’s chances in the race and be relatively minor in Rosbergs case, worst case scenario being a lost front wing in which case he STILL would have made it back to the lane before Lewis. I don’t agree that the pass was never on, it was on until Lewis slammed the door shut. Lewis (and others) is perhaps taking Rosberg a little bit too lightly, this kid had three years to learn from Schumacher remember… Rosberg you will find, is ruthless but ruthless with a smile.

  • Will Power


  • Tom McCausland

    So Hamilton is not allowed to take the wide apex. Would you also like him to pull over and get out of his car while he is at it?

  • Slap

    It’s the type of corner that unless you are completely along side then it’s not your corner! Just like vettel did the lap before, from what I remember vettel was even further ahead? Am I wrong. Hamilton assumed the racing line because it was his to take. Lauda, wolf and brundle agree and they know more than most of us.

  • Alex White

    He knew rosberg was there as he defended the braking line. And then when rosberg pull to the outside line on the over speed from drs, he had to sling up the outside. Hamilton knew he was there, he just closed the door on him and he paid for it.

  • Tom McCausland

    Always thought the leader had the right of way, especially when the opposition is not even half way alongside and coming up to another right hander. If you want a sport in which people give up and don’t push themselves, F1 is not the sport for you.

  • Deecee

    Was 100% Rosbergs fault, Hamilton, had the line and is entitled to it as Rosberg was never going to make the pass stick.. ,Rosberg had heaps of room to open the steering or even run wide as Vettel did and avoid the collision, but, decided to push the boundaries. I dislike defending Hamilton as i think he is a spoiled kid on the race track, (and i don’t think Nico is far behind him ) but this time it was not his fault.
    As for team orders, Why race??????

  • Commonsense

    As with the Monte Carlo GP…when Rosberg overshot the corner…a good skilled motivated F1 driver can make it look like an accident when it was on purpose. By not opening up his steering or pulling out in time he let hamiltons tyre sidewall hit his spoiler hard – which will do it every time. Brilliant move really because you can still semi race with a broken spoiler but not a flat tyre and now Rosberg is well ahead in the championship.

  • Scott

    A front running car passing a back marker might have worked but trying to pass an identical car around the outside of Les Combe was a bit optimistic. There really wasn’t much in it though, a small touch. If it were two different teams everyone would be over it by now (Except the driver with the puncture) I’m not a fan of either but it was definitely Rosberg’s fault but I don’t think he would risk his car on purpose. He would much prefer to beat his team mate in a straight fight. I agree with Fergus Gibson, another incident like this and Hamilton wont recover. Bring it on!

  • Fergus Gibson

    Opps — spelling police!! lol

  • Andy83

    Ah Rosberg never went for the outside line he tried to stick his nose on the Inside! What were you watching? There was never any chance of a pass there.

  • dino

    Even with team orders I sense another “Multi 21″ coming on.

  • Alex White

    WATCH THE VIDEO. Hamilton knew he was there and so he defended, of course someone is going to contest the outside so why close it on him, leave it open and let him stick his nose there

  • Commonsense

    Rosberg’s a skilled and calculating cheat. As with the Monte Carlo GP -when he overshot the corner in qualifying thereby virtually securing a race win – a good skilled motivated F1 driver can make it look like an accident when it was on purpose. By not opening up his steering path or pulling out in time he (chose to) let Hamilton’s tyre sidewall hit his spoiler hard – which will do it every time! Brilliant move really because you can still race with a broken spoiler but not a flat tyre, and now Rosberg is well ahead in the championship…

  • Mark Skaife


  • Sebastian Vettel

    There’s heaps of videos on YouTube…. Just the other day I watched one that showed me how to make a casserole to die for

  • Sebastian Vettel


  • Lee

    It is a racing incident. Rosberg had a go and Hamilton blocked effectivly, his prerogative. Blame the cars with their stupid wings, a brush like that should NEVER cut a tyre. Clearly the sharp edges that should be banned cut the tyre.
    Maybe F1 should be a Sprint format, though Lewis is losing out there too [qualifying]

  • Daz

    AND Rosberg knows full well that Lewis will race back to the pits because its a long lap and do further damage to the car.

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