Vettel: Unfair to make Ricciardo comparison

  • Friday 22nd August, 2014 11:41am
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Sebastian Vettel feels it is unfair to compare him against his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo

Sebastian Vettel feels it is unfair to compare him against his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo

Sebastian Vettel believes it is unfair to compare his results against Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo this season after bearing the brunt of several reliability issues.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion has been completely overshadowed by his Australian team-mate behind the wheel of the Red Bull RB10 this year.

Sitting third in the championship standings, Ricciardo has claimed two victories at Canada and Hungary this season and remains the only man to defeat the all conquering Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

The Aussie has accrued five podiums in response to Vettel’s two which has allowed him to open up a 43 point lead over his team-mate in the standings.

Ricciardo also currently leads his more experienced rival 6-3 in the qualifying head-to-head, with the Western Australian boasting an impressive starting berth average of 5.1 from the 11 races so far this year.

Although keen to praise the efforts of Ricciardo this season, Vettel believes the gulf between the two Red Bull drivers is due to a higher rate of reliability issues he has encountered.

“I won’t argue with the fact he (Ricciardo) did a great job so far, on my side, we’ve had plenty of qualifying sessions where we have had some sort of trouble,” said Vettel, who is sixth in the championship standings.

“I do not remember all of them in terms of what the nature was, but we lost out many times because of that, and in the races too, which was getting quite frustrating.

“Formula 1 can be nice but it is also brutal in that sometimes it will not let you have the opportunity to show what you can do.

“That’s why I am not interested in comparing too much because, on my side, it’s not fair to compare.

“Fortunately for Daniel, he had a smoother year in terms of reliability. I’m not saying a perfect year, but way less issues than I had, so I think it’s not entirely fair to compare.”

Meanwhile, Ricciardo heads into this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix with momentum in his favour after recording his second victory of the season at Hungary last time out.

“I’ve just got to keep building on the first half of the year we had,” said Ricciardo.

“It was really nice to get a couple of wins in the first 11 races, so yeah, for confidence, for motivation, for myself and the team it’s obviously really high.

“Spa and Monza are circuits which on paper aren’t circuits that are going to suit us the most but we’re coming in with a bit of momentum so we’ll try to pull off a good result here and in Monza and then we’ve got a few tracks that will really come to us after that.”

  • Anne Disney

    Why not? Webber had the most unreliable car on the grid and he was constantly compared to Vettel. Someone is having a sulk now the shoe is on the other foot…

  • Shabbie

    I remember Webber being compared to Vettel all the time and Webber had more bad luck that what Vettel is having now.

    In saying this I also commend Vettel for giving Daniel credit where credit is due.

  • Ian Fisher

    Seb driving Mark’s old car?

  • kapam

    Four F1 titles speak for themselves.
    Daniel has definitely achieved beyond all but the most optimistic expectations, but Seb is certainly entitled to plead bad luck this year

  • Sam

    Shut up Vettel no one cares.

  • Sebastian Vettel

    Daniel is way better than I am, I was just joking about reliability. Even if I didn’t have issues he would be faster than me. Same goes for Mark (Webber) He was always the better driver. Time for bed, night peeps! xx

  • Randomness

    Hmm, 2 dnf’s thorugh no fault of his own when he would have been on or close to the podium and the dsq at Melbourne. I’d say Dan’s had his fair share of issues.
    The only reason Vettel was ever ahead in the championship at all was that Dan’s had come earlier in the year.

  • Guest

    Can’t handle when he is not the one being praised. Grow up Sebastian Vettel!

  • Alex White

    If we all be quiet we might be able to still hear marks alternator or kers in the background

  • Ryan

    Bad luck – your kidding right??? Sorry the four previous years mean absolutely nothing this year…. Its called motor racing and working by your theory – Only the lucky ones win!

  • brewser17

    sounds like a sook

  • MSC

    Well they say that you are only as good as your result, he must be really hurting al those excuses, excuses, excuses. Now he know how Webber felt most of the time…..

  • Richard Piers

    Too many drivers talking too much and generally too much nonsense. Vettel, of course, everyone will compare you to your teammate. Very simple, he’s doing better than you you’re not quite the wunderkind you were made out to be.

  • kapam

    Sorry, I just don’t buy into all the “Vettel hatred” that everyone seems to want to indulge in. Happy as you are that Daniel is making all the right moves and is regularly quicker than his team mate. But give Vettel his due – he is the one with four titles.

  • cozza

    He should take the nappy off his head for a start……

  • Margaret

    What has happen let go….. Lets get on with this years Form 1. Hope stays an interesting Season ahead for all to enjoy .Hope some media stories do not distract from the Car racing of Form 1…. Bring on the next Form 1 race

  • bobmendon

    Yeah, right….

  • bobmendon

    So the bridge trolls and idiots have crawled out into the day light to slam Vettel again.

  • James Rock

    Maybe Dan just isn’t as hard on the car, hence less reliability issues and better results.

  • Sebastian Vettel

    true story Bob, true story

  • Sebastian Vettel

    you used to be cool bob, what happened?

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