Webber to co-anchor Network Ten coverage

  • Thursday 21st August, 2014 5:45pm
  • Author: Gordon Lomas ©
Mark Webber to join Ten's commentary in 2015 as co-host for the Clipsal 500 and Bathurst 1000 among his F1 duties

Mark Webber to join Ten’s commentary in 2015 as co-host for the Clipsal 500 and Bathurst 1000 among his F1 duties

Network Ten has commissioned former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber to co-host selected Formula 1 and V8 Supercars events for its revitalised 10-month motorsport schedule in 2015.

Webber is set to be thrust into major TV duties as co-host alongside Matt White for the V8 Supercars Championship’s showcase season-opener – the Clipsal 500.

The nine-time F1 grand prix winner will also share the desk with White for the Bathurst 1000.

Ten is promising 40 weeks of motorsport coverage which includes six live V8 Supercars events, F1, MotoGP and eight V8 highlights programs.

After stepping away from Red Bull’s F1 team at the end of last season, Webber joined forces with Porsche’s LMP1 factory effort with the 919 hybrid in the World Endurance Championship this year.

He has a multi-year contract with the Zuffenhausen maker with the WEC rounds next year conveniently not clashing with his Ten commitments.

The 37-year-old will add further currency to Ten’s F1 coverage of the Australian F1 grand prix from Albert Park.

Webber looking forward to new Aussie TV challenge

Webber looking forward to new Aussie TV challenge

Network Ten will next year rejoin as broadcaster of the V8 Supercars Championship in a joint deal with Foxtel from next year after televising the sport from 1997-2005.

“I am delighted to be extending my relationship with Network Ten for the next couple of years, especially after enjoying my punditry role with the them at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix,” Webber said in a Ten statement.

“Ten have been tremendous supporters of motorsport and F1 in particular for some time and certainly provide the best coverage in Australia of international and domestic categories.”

While Webber professes to be no mogul on V8 Supercars, he is looking forward to adding to the Adelaide and Bathurst commentary.

“I am certainly no V8 Supercars expert but my experience in the WEC means that I will be able to provide an insight into what the drivers are going through in such gruelling, long distance events,” Webber said, after returning to the Le Mans 24 Hour this year for the first time since his ill-fated 1999 campaign with Mercedes.

It will be the first time Webber will return to the Adelaide street circuit and to Bathurst since he raced in the Australian Formula Ford Championship before he took the plunge and moved to England in the mid 1990’s.

The news comes after Ten announced that White will return as anchor for the V8 telecasts and for the quality panel show, RPM.

Ten’s head of sport, David Barham said: “Our consistent program schedule and our treatment of live event motorsport, including Formula 1, MotoGP, and V8 Supercars will deliver a powerful and exciting broadcast to all motorsport fans.”

Ten will broadcast over 80 hours of live coverage of V8s in 2015, which includes the Townsville 500, Sandown 500, Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600 and Sydney 500.

  • big al

    webber is a bad commentator with every other word being ‘UM’ and is most annoying

  • Hugh Martin

    “Ten will broadcast over 80 hours of live coverage of V8s in 2015, which includes the Townsville 500, Sandown 500, Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600 and Sydney 500″.

    Don’t sound so positive about it. Should read “Ten will only be broadcasting live coverage of the Clipsal 500, the Townsville 500, Sandown 500, Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600 and Sydney 500, well down on the past decade and a half’s WHOLE YEAR’s worth of coverage”.

  • Josh Geering

    I still can’t believe they think that 6 live V8 events is enough. Very very disappointing channel 10. As much as i respect webber as a driver, I would rather they had used that money to televise more V8 races live

  • Owen

    Mate you obviously did not watch the commentary of Webber on the 2014 Australian GP.

  • krobford

    we can expect some fantastic new and fresh stuff next year. Better get on board.

  • Angela Steele

    Mathew White ? OMG I wont be watching. Its not a threat its a promise. Thank god for Foxtel. Whites like an over excited kid yelling at you and pretending he knows all about it. I dont know anyone that likes his commentary. Ten your crazy !!!!

  • Guest

    Great to have WEB along for the coverage.

  • Julie Barnes

    Yep, seems like a nice enough bloke, but is void of any real personality :-(

  • http://noneofyourbusiness.com Slap

    I hope they don’t retain Alan Jones for the f1 coverage. In all honestly he is horrendous, I respect what he has done in his career but he is out of touch with modern F1 and repeats the same statements like a broken record! Not to mention miss naming teams and people.

  • David Gordon

    Come on Channel 10 why can’t you give us all the V8s live like you did before. Chanel 10 used to give the best coverage of the V8s way better than what 7 have done

  • Commanderwhite

    Isn’t that nice of Ch10? They are giving us 80 yes that’s right 80 hours of live coverage of the V8’s next year – whats that down from on CH7? Who knows & obviously CH10 doesn’t care. As for BBQ Boy co-anchoring, he have to be better than Matt White who is a deadest dropkick. Of course it’s not too bad if you have Foxtel where you can see all the racing live but pity you if you don’t. Oh well who cares about race fans – that’s right – NO ONE!

  • Adam

    It would be nice if Ten network also broadcast the WEC events. I personally don’t care about the V8 Supercars, and hopefully Webber will be able to bring more interesting and informative points to the F1 coverage than the disappointingly uniteresting Alan Jones.

  • William Olive

    And talking about Williams and Riccardo every moment! There are other teams and drivers!

  • Mike

    I haven’t missed Matty White’s commentary. What about Crompo, Skaifie and Larko?

    Those guys are a hoot to listen to and really know their stuff. Skaife has great insight and Crompo just knows everybody up and down pit lane. He must be the absolute best motorsports commentator in the world. Can’t do without Larko too. He does a fab job.

    Watched ESPN once and their commentary was like teeth being pulled.

  • indianbear

    its all on foxtel live

  • Philthy

    Please channel 10,please leave “Matty” White to commentate volleyball or hockey but not motorsport & Webber will need a personality makeover if he wants to endear himself to the diehard fans.You should be chasing Crompo & the boys from 7

  • http://www.goodpublicity.com.au/ Good Publicity

    isn’t bad, as sports star commentators go. Better than his predecessor anyway. He just needs to learn the art of the ’10-second grab’.

  • prumm

    Yeah Mark!

  • MSC

    Thank god, finally someone with some brains, I hope they aren’t going to use Skaife too !!!!!!!

  • MSC

    You have got to joking, you want Skaife back, he is an over-rated, over-excited school boy, he may have the knowledge but his giggling delivery is an absolute pain, I will agree with you on Larko though, very good at what he does. Crompton get far too technical for the general public to understand half of what he is talking about.

  • Robert Northway

    Forget, those 2 and just get the Radio Le Mans crew to do the comantry!

  • Shannon Butler

    I guess you have never met him… I have great guy

  • Shannon Butler

    Yes the boys from 7 are great but as I have said before mark is a top guy when you meet him

  • Glenn Frost

    So six races live, what is happening to all the other races?
    Ch10 has crap coverage in so far as they use race events to heavily cross promote any other dopy actor/celebrity/reality tv show they have going. Just focus on the racing Ten.

  • kapam

    I thought Channel 10 did quite a creditable job for V8’s before Channel 7 bought in. I’m prepared to give them a fair trial. At least the races, to the best of my knowledge, shouldn’t be losing out to AFL games for scheduling, as per Seven. What I do want to know is, will I still get NASCAR (live or delayed) on Channel 1/10?

  • illoyd

    Try commentary.

  • OzyDave

    I would estimate Bathurst alone last year was more than 20 hours. There’s one quarter of the full year done in one event. Channel Ten is a financial basket case that could not afford a full program of events.
    Race fans can pay for Foxtel. If you think it costs too much, blame the sports that they are covering for wildly inflated contracts to pay their very high salaries.

  • PBR

    Bring back Larko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randomness

    lol, no. The only thing broadcasted live in all that period were the enduros. Live coverage for the sprint races only started a few years ago with Channel 7, even when they first started this current contract they were still showing some of them delayed.

  • Karl Pilkington

    if my memory serves me correctly….Initial announcements in 7 tv ads said Live on Mate but nothing recently

  • Sam

    Crompo is alright, some of us like the tech stuff.

  • Mike Bourke

    For me, it’s not the live vs delayed that’s the big issue, or even the commentators (though Crompton I rate as one of if not THE best in the world) – it’s that we’re only going to get a HIGHLIGHTS package for the rest of the events. So I’ll watch (most) of the live V8SC races and ignore it the rest of the time.

  • Dave

    Matty White and some F1 expert babbling on about something he knows nothing about, (nor any interest in)…gee won’t that be exciting to listen to?! Delete the 3 guys who know
    what they’re talking about and we’re left with PLAY SCHOOL…. And now we have to PAY FOR IT!!!

  • Grease

    Don’t blame C 10 – V8Supercars refused to give them the contract.

  • Grease

    are you on something

  • V8’s have become too PC

    Providing insight for some fans is like feeding caviar to a pig.

    All his racing life people have had a thing against MS.
    At least he knows what he’s talking about and we are getting the technical info required to fully appreciate motor racing.
    It is highly technical and strategy is equally as important as driver ability now days.
    Racing is not all about going fast, burning rubber and denting panels like some people (MSC) seem to think. That is for smash up derbies and people who don’t want to learn more about the sport in which they purport to be a fan of need not overwork their little mind and watch the smash up derbies and stay away from real motor racing.
    My biggest gripe about the coverage is for years they have only concentrated on the few lead cars all race. If they want to attract sponsors they need to provide them equal air time. This is part of the reason why some teams are struggling to get sponsorship; why invest money into sponsorship of a car if it isn’t going to get airtime.
    Some cars go the entire Bathurst 1000 without getting any air time what so ever; yet they will consistently follow the top 3 cars for their entire pit journey every time.
    Last year Stevie J didn’t get any air time all race and that was huge news driving against his family team.
    If the fans wanted to watch cars go 40kmh they would sit at a school zone.
    Surely they can show every car at least one lap an hour, that still leaves one lap per hour for a lead car.

  • Phil Hendy

    I’ve just had my Day ruined Mathew White to head RPM as well…10 what have you done???…I love you for all your Motorsport over the years…but spare us the pain Please….how many times can we listen to ….Oh My Goodness!!!….Maa’ate!!…RPM will stand for now…Rambling Painful Moron

  • David Watt

    How long do you think it will be before Mark Webber is driving in V8 supercars :-)

  • briightspark

    Next years V8 coverage will be best ever for those people who can afford pay tv. every single session live and in full. Channel 7 this year have been dishing up qualifying sessions hours delayed, and 2 to 3 ad breaks in a 20 minute session. During a 70 lap race, we lose around 30 laps in ads.
    Mathew white is not so bad.

  • Commonsense

    …Not to mention him expressing his prejudiced, subjective, biased views about drivers he doesn’t like i.e. Hamilton. He’s a narcissistic, critical, grumpy old ex world champion who looks disgruntled about even being at the TV studio.

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