FIA rubber stamps F1 standing restarts

  • Friday 27th June, 2014 8:28am
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FIA World Motor Sport Council gives final approval to abolishing rolling restarts

FIA World Motor Sport Council gives final approval to abolishing rolling restarts

Formula 1 will proceed with standing restarts from next year after the idea met the final stage of approval.

Gridding the field up after a Safety Car period was signed off at a meeting in Munich by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

In clarifying the new rule, the FIA says the customary rolling restart procedure will be replaced by a standing restart providing a Safety Car is not used within two laps of the original race start (or restart) or if there are less than five laps remaining to the chequered flag.

The decision headed a raft of tweaks and changes to the 2015 season which will now see pre-season testing return exclusively to Europe after the double tests in Bahrain earlier this year.

There will be a further tightening of engine rules with each car limited to four (down from five) while all cars will enter parc ferme from the start of final practice as opposed to the start of qualifying.

If the calendar stretches to more than 20 races next year the engine limit will return to five.

Penalties for power unit changes had seen offenders forced to start from pit lane however this has now been amended to starting from the back of the grid.

In terms of cost restraints the number of hours teams can use wind tunnel runs and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has been reduced from 80 hours per week to 60 and from 30 to 25 hours per week respectively.

In terms of technical changes, there will be fresh changes to the nose cones which will address safety and importantly see that the much maligned look of the 2014 nose cones sees a more acceptable looking design.

A move to block tyre blankets has been overturned but will be reviewed again if there is any change to the dimensions of tyres and wheels.

  • Nick

    I wondered how long it would take for them to change the rules to get rid of those terrible looking dongs on the front of the cars. I can see team orders for drivers to crash to get thier team mate a nice restart.

  • Brad

    I’d imagine they will change for the 2015 season, along with the sound of the cars!

  • Alex White

    That’s silly, why need a safety car if they can park up on the grid, all they need is to be told over radio that’s there’s an incident no safety car needed.

  • Laszlow

    This just screams of the contrived “competition caution” crap that NASCAR run, just to bunch the field up and cause more chaos.

  • Good Publicity

    More nails in F1’s coffin. The sooner the teams wake up to the damage that the bumbling FIA and geriatric FOM are doing to their livelihoods, the better.

  • StuM91

    Stupid -_-

  • Robert Northway

    I can accept spicing up the action, Why not do double file restarts or something, But this is a joke! It will destroy the flow of the race. What I think the FIA should be doing Is adopting the ACO’s Code 60 and doing away with Safety call almost completely!

  • Deecee

    I still like watching the F1 ( more so because of the Aussie factor), even though it took a massive step backwards this year, but this is the most ridiculous idea i have ever heard in the whole motor racing industry, some body needs to check Burnies medication. This is becoming a joke,!!

  • Margaret

    Hope all teams & drivers will be able to understand The new rules when they come in, seems to be going from this to that . Could be more confusing. Can see more trouble & issues coming with these changes .

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