F1 set for standing safety car restarts in 2015

  • Saturday 21st June, 2014 10:29am
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Safety Car procedure set to change for 2015

Safety Car restart procedure set to change for 2015

Formula 1 will introduce a new standing start procedure for Safety Car restarts from next season.

The new system will see cars form up on the grid once the Safety Car peels into the pits and the race will restart with a similar procedure used to begin races.

Lapped traffic will be able to unlap themselves before forming up on the grid for the race restart after the caution period.

According to Autosport.com, the decision to scrap the current rolling start approach in favour of standing grid starts is expected to be ratified at the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting at Munich next week.

This move has come following a discussion regarding the overhaul of the current rolling start system by the F1 Commission this week.

The idea originated from talks held between teams as to how to improve the spectacle of the sport with the current procedure deemed by a collective not conducive to exciting racing.

  • Margaret

    Fingers crossed this will work

  • DanMcG

    This has to be a joke… restarts aren’t about giving other drivers a chance they’re neutralizing the race to clean up crashed cars then resuming… they already have an advantage by being brought closer together… F1 is losing it

  • Laszlow

    Dumb dumb dumb. The most dangerous part of a grand prix is that race to turn 1, when they are all bunched up and at varying speeds. Doing that several times a race is just asking for carnage.

  • darren madigan

    this must be a late april fools day joke lol

  • Tony Martini

    Didn’t realise it was April the 1st

  • Adam

    This is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen. Maybe for a first lap incident, I like the idea, but for anything else it is just terrible. It’s bad enough having strategies ruined by an unnecessary safety car period. There are very few circumstances when a safety car is actually needed, most of the time the drivers should be able to just slow down through a part of the track until the debris/whatever is cleared.

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