Money Choice's Matt George Talks Carrera Cup and Property Investment

Monday 10th December, 2012


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Matt George's Money Choice PorscheMoney Choice's Matt George has always had an interest in motorsports. So, when the chance came around to have his Porsche racing in the Carrera Cup, the opportunity was too much to pass up.

The Money Choice car, sporting the #11, is raced by Nick Foster in 2012 after having Matthew Coleman behind the wheel in 2011. Coleman finished 8th last season, giving Matt George and the Money Choice team something to build on in 2012,

“Nick is a good young driver who came out of Formula Ford, he’s a really fast guy that we think can go that extra mile for us in 2012” George said.

So far that has been in case, with Foster sitting 6th overall after five races. According to George, this is not just a positive for the team but the company as well,

“[The Carrera Cup] is a great bit of exposure for the company, and with Nick’s improving results, it can only get more positive” he said.

“We’re looking to show to customers that while we are a great option for property investment and finance, we’re also real people with real interests outside of property. It’s good fun.”

It’s away from the track that Money Choice and Matt George can benefit fans of their Carrera Cup team, largely through their unrivalled property investment knowledge,

“We’re in the property industry day in, day out. Most people buy their house once every 10 to 15 year [whereas] we are dealing with tens of thousands of investors all the time" he said.

"They’re buying residential property and we’re seeing it grow and we’re seeing the taxation benefits and the capital growth benefits and the rental returns. It’s this knowledge that we can utilise to assist property investors to build a strong portfolio.”

If you’ve seen them flying around the track in the 2012 Porsche Carrera Cup and are interested in what the Money Choice team can offer you, contact them today on 1300 625 626.


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