Star FM Winton Performance Car Mania

Thursday 30th August, 2012


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There is now less than a month until Winton Raceway goes nuts with smoke, noise, burning rubber and Australia’s wildest collection of modified vehicles, because Star FM Winton Performance Car Mania 7 will be held on September 21-23.

Performance Car Mania was created back in 2005 and has become one of Winton’s most popular events for spectators and competitors, and that is because it caters for a huge assortment of performance vehicles from muscle cars to imports and rotaries.

Events you can expect to see at Performance Car Mania include:

Burnouts – competitors will be let loose on the burnout pad, and given permission to create the most spectacular display of smoke and noise they possibly can. There will be plenty of rubber and blown tyres, and judging criteria will include continuous smoke, technique and who gets the biggest cheer from the crowd.

Grudge Match Drag Racing – These events are divided into classes based on the type of car entered, and the formula is simple: fastest car from the start line to the finish line wins. Cars will compete in elimination heats with the fastest cars to face off in a win-or-lose final.

Dyno Challenge – Of course, there are those people who like bragging about how much raw horsepower their car produces, and this event is their opportunity to prove it! Competitors will strap their car to the official competition dyno (kindly provided by Dr Drift) and floor the accelerator; most horsepower wins.

Go to Whoa – This is a test of both the braking and accelerating capabilities of cars, which will accelerate from standstill and then stop in a distance of about 100 metres. There will be plenty of wheelspin and brake lockups!

In addition to these events, competitors will also be able to cruise the track, and spectators will have plenty of opportunities to look at the cars up close at the “Show ‘N’ Shine”.

Admission to Performance Car Mania is $10 for Friday, $25 for Saturday and $25 for Sunday. Children 14 years and under are free if accompanied by an adult, and the camping ground will be open for the event.

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