Winton Motor Raceway

  • Friday 20th May, 2011
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Race 10

TeamVodafone             Jamie Whincup      Holden Commodore VE24001:01:09.0173
Fujitsu Racing GRM       Lee Holdsworth     Holden Commodore VE24001:01:13.8551
Jim Beam Racing          Steven Johnson     Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:13.8881
Jack Daniel’s Racing     Rick Kelly         Holden Commodore VE24001:01:16.7235
The Bottle-O RacingPaul Dumbrell      Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:19.4414
Irwin Racing             Alex Davison       Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:21.9546
Team BOC                 Jason Bright       Holden Commodore VE24001:01:22.1059
Toll Holden Racing Team  James Courtney      Holden Commodore VE24001:01:25.0216
Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon  Mark Winterbottom  Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:27.0954
10Bundaberg Racing         Fabian Coulthard   Holden Commodore VE24001:01:27.9643
11TeamVodafone             Craig Lowndes      Holden Commodore VE24001:01:31.5075
12Toll Holden Racing Team  Garth Tander        Holden Commodore VE24001:01:32.6085
13Trading Post FPR Falcon  Will Davison       Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:33.3027
14SP Tools Racing          Shane Van GisbergenFord Falcon FG      4001:01:34.3913
15Lucky 7 Racing           Tim Slade          Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:35.7469
16Fujitsu Racing GRM       Michael Caruso     Holden Commodore VE24001:01:36.1540
17Supercheap Auto Racing   Russell Ingall     Holden Commodore VE24001:01:37.3030
18Pepsi Max Crew           Greg Murphy        Holden Commodore VE24001:01:37.6025
19Jim Beam Racing          James Moffat       Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:39.7854
20Fair Dinkum ShedsKarl Reindler      Holden Commodore VE24001:01:45.3141
21Jack Daniel’s Racing     Todd Kelly         Holden Commodore VE24001:01:45.7433
22Stratco Racing           David Reynolds     Holden Commodore VE24001:01:46.8878
23VIP Petfoods             Steve Owen         Holden Commodore VE24001:01:50.3232
24Mother Energy RacingJonathon Webb      Ford Falcon FG      4001:01:52.3274
25Triple F Racing          Dean Fiore         Ford Falcon FG      4001:02:15.2728
26Wilson Security Racing   Tony D’Alberto     Holden Commodore VE23401:02:11.2527
DNFGulf Western Oil Racing  Warren Luff        Holden Commodore VE2 1    2:01.6399
DNFJana Living Racing        Jason Bargwanna    Holden Commodore VE2  

Race 11

Pos Competitor/Team           Driver              Vehicle             Laps    Race Time
1  Team BOC                 Jason Bright       Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:15.5814
2  TeamVodafone             Jamie Whincup      Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:17.1800
3  Toll Holden Racing Team  Garth Tander       Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:18.5452
4  SP Tools Racing          Shane Van GisbergenFord Falcon FG       6701:40:18.8437
5  Bundaberg Racing         Fabian Coulthard   Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:27.1401
6  Fujitsu Racing GRM       Michael Caruso     Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:27.1606
7  TeamVodafone             Craig Lowndes      Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:31.8691
8  Jim Beam Racing          Steven Johnson     Ford Falcon FG       6701:40:32.9092
9  Jim Beam Racing          James Moffat       Ford Falcon FG       6701:40:33.1378
10 VIP Petfoods             Steve Owen         Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:43.1635
11 Pepsi Max Crew           Greg Murphy        Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:48.0821
12 Mother Energy RacingJonathon Webb      Ford Falcon FG       6701:40:52.0889
13 Lucky 7 Racing           Tim Slade          Ford Falcon FG       6701:40:54.0071
14 Jana Living Racing       Jason Bargwanna    Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:55.1803
15 Fujitsu Racing GRM       Lee Holdsworth     Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:55.5533
16 Irwin Racing             Alex Davison       Ford Falcon FG        6701:40:56.3219
17 Jack Daniel’s Racing     Rick Kelly         Holden Commodore VE2  6701:40:56.3534
18 The Bottle-O Racing Team Paul Dumbrell      Ford Falcon FG        6701:40:56.7817
19 Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon  Mark Winterbottom  Ford Falcon FG       6701:40:58.8762
20 Stratco Racing           David Reynolds     Holden Commodore VE2  6701:41:06.0142
21 Wilson Security Racing   Tony D’Alberto     Holden Commodore VE2  6701:41:15.9350
22 Gulf Western Oil Racing  Warren Luff        Holden Commodore VE2  6701:41:29.2144
23 Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing Karl Reindler      Holden Commodore VE2  6701:41:31.4675
24 Trading Post FPR Falcon  Will Davison       Ford Falcon FG       6101:41:07.4827
25 Toll Holden Racing Team  James Courtney     Holden Commodore VE2  6001:40:41.6235
DNFTriple F Racing          Dean Fiore         Ford Falcon FG       15   24:05.0146
DNFJack Daniel’s Racing     Todd Kelly         Holden Commodore VE2   2    3:00.7803

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